Men’s Tennis Wins Over City College

by Michael Papandrea

On a windy afternoon, CSI came back from their 0-3 Florida trip for their first home game of the season. The team came back with a vengeance as they defeated the City College of New York, 8-1.The matchup opened with a series of doubles matches played simultaneously across the court. The first team to finish was Ed Ruffe and James Chuenpratum. The duo was able to cruise to an 8-1 victory while another CSI pair soon followed.

Austin Kapetanakis and Jack Benjamin were able to shutout CCNY’s Ahmed Sallem and Reswan Islam. The meeting seemed well in CSI’s favor with one last doubles match being played on the first court. This time, the Dolphins would have to come from behind if they wanted to sweep doubles.

CSI swimmer and tennis player, Timur Shamuradov and captain Dan Ursomanno would find themselves down against the Beavers’ Michael Arrias and David Arroyave. Early in the match, with just one referee monitoring the action for all the matchups at once, CCNY would go on to make a questionable call on Ursomanno’s serve.

“Outside?” Ursomanno asked the CCNY player after he casually didn’t play the ball. The home audience disagreed with the call and CSI would go into a mini funk. Ursomanno had a series of shots that hit the net as they fell behind. With the help of Shamuradov’s powerful serves and returns, Ursomanno would turn it around and play smoothly close to the net. They would score 8 of 9 final points to cap off the win.

Afterwards, the players split up to play singles matches where CSI would keep the pressure on. Joel Youngberry, Ursomanno, Kapetanakis, Ruffe, and Chuenpratum would all collect wins in singles action. CCNY’s only win came against Shamuradov, but by that time CSI had the match won.
While the Dolphins knew they played strong, some credit did go to the windy conditions that CSI has grown accustomed to. The wind helped them to chip and slice the ball to keep their opponents off guard.

“The wind doesn’t effect our team that much. We’re out here all the time, hitting, playing, and we use it to our advantage. Teams come out here and they have no idea what they’re doing,” said Ed Ruffe. “Seriously, they don’t and we come out and just take the wind to our advantage.”

Another thing to note was the lone senior, Ursomanno, playing in his final first home game. The team captain has played in many big matches for CSI over the years, including last years CUNYAC finals match which was lost to Baruch. CSI has never won the CUNYAC but they are hoping to change that this year.

“Dans the captain, he is the leader. When we are all down he picks us up. He’s got a cocky attitude to him which makes us wanna strive to beat him and be better than him and join him in the rally,” said Ruffe. “It’s his last year as a senior and we all wanna make sure that all of us on the team are gonna win a championship and it’s for him because he dedicates so many man hours and time and cancels his schedule to come help us. Hopefully when we are holding that CUNY championship we are holding him on our shoulders.”

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