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New Provost Must Maintain Accessibility and Credibility

By Jean-Claude Quintyne

On September 11 concerned faculty, students and administrators assembled in the 1P Lecture Hall to insure that a competent search will be carried out for a new Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

CSI’s current Provost, Dr. Fred Naider, will retire at the end of this year. Faculty stressed that the newest Provost must have an adjunct philosophy, be competent in budget management, must be aware of the challenges, and should emphasize the importance of learning.

While faculty members expressed a large interest in working closely with the next Provost and would prefer one who can relate to the diverse structure of students, in general, the concerns voiced at the Town Hall meeting focused on assuring that the future Provost will possess accessibility, credibility, humanity, and the desire for greater achieve.

“My perspective of an ideal Provost is one who understands that student learning, and thus its assessment, occurs campus-wide” said Paulette Brower-Garrett, Director of the Center for Advising and Academic Success. “One who is bold enough to instill this belief and philosophy, both campus and community-wide.”

Ms. Brower-Garret holds high standards for the next Provost, stating that she or he should know that learning is multifaceted and that it occurs within a greater educational coursework.

“If this person was also one courageous enough to invest the tools and resources in our college community to support such comprehensive and collaborative learning for our students,” she continued, “how absolutely awesome would that be?”

When discussion was opened to students, a student leader who does not wish to be named inquired about whether students can be on the committee. Dean Alex Chigogidze quickly responded “You have to ask the President” which roused laughs.

Although it is unclear if students can be a part of the search committee, they are allowed to give input. The position of Provost, also known as the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, is the second highest ranking position, underneath President Fritz. The person positioned to man the post is responsible for curriculum and faculty appointments.

The meeting was hosted by Search Chair Dr. Jessica Kozloff and Dean of Science and Technology Alex Chigogidze who responded to comments and inquiries stated by faculty and student leaders who attended.

Dr. Kozloff, who is not affiliated with the College but is President of a search firm that helps colleges recruit strong applicants, discussed the process of appointing the Provost, which begins with the forming of a search committee.

“An ideal search committee will be one the campus will have confidence in”, she said, “It must be small and cohesive.” According to Dr. Kozloff, an efficient search committee contains 12 people, which prevents fractionalization and disagreements. Interviews that will determine who will be on the search committee, which will be appointed by the president, will commence in late January.

CSI’s new Provost will be appointed by spring 2015 and a website, as was suggested by Dean Alex Chigogidze that will have updates and information about the search, should be up soon.


Correction: President of CSI is Dr. William J. Fritz, not Dr. Thomas Morales.


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  1. This article is completely outdated. First of all, Dean Alex Chigogidze passed away yesterday, 12/15/14, and it this fact should be at least mentioned in the article. Next, the current president of CSI is not President Morales but President Fritz. Correction and apology should be in order.

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