For CSI Fiction Writer Parents Just Don’t Understand

Nick Tronolone’s Hungers for Success With a Side of Pancakes

By Shawntavia Williams

It is raining on a chilly day in September. Nick Tronolone’s dad should be at IHOP to pick him up from work an hour ago. Still in uniform, he sits in a booth and crosses his hands like a child in grade school. He keeps trying to catch a glimpse out of the window on the other side of the restaurant.

“My parents views differ from mine,” Tronolone said slouching in his seat, looking as if he was trying to remain concealed. “I respect them but I don’t agree with the dark things they do, my mom’s a very religious woman.”
His mom works as a nurse taking care of the mentally disabled and his dad is retired.

Adjusting between seating customers and sitting as a customer, Tronolone would answer to the waitress awkwardly and fidget in his seat until his drinks arrived.

Grunge rock, star wars, wrestling, church, and always being the “fat kid” of the bunch were things that convinced others to view him as the weirdo or the “Dingo dark nerd,” as his classmates would call him in high school.

As a fiction writer, he acquired a very unique imagination. Aside from wanting to be an omnipath, in order to absorb all the knowledge of the human race, Tronolone also would not mind becoming a honey badger. Turns out that those particular animals survive on eating venomous snakes.

Being a fiction story writer wasn’t something easy for Tronolone to pursue as a career because his parents wanted him to be a lawyer.  At 12, he wanted to be a fireman but he still always wrote during his free time. He found it difficult to regularly assent with his parents on most issues.

“I use to cling to my dad when I was a child but as I grew older, my mom seemed easier to communicate with,” Tronolone admitted. After reading one of his stories, she never brought up Law school again.

Tronolone expressed how writing is an easier way for him to communicate, more so than talking. If he could watch cartoon classics on Boomerang and The Cartoon Network, while writing fiction all day, he would.

Sometimes Tronolone finds himself thinking out loud. When trying to come up with ideas for stories, he takes a piece of scrap paper and writes down a bunch of curse words. Then he rip the paper up and throws it on the floor to clear his mind.

When coming up with characters for his stories, sometimes Trononlone uses family members to inspire him. Even family members that he often disagrees with will closely compare to a character in a fictional story.

His dream is to write comics, and start his own publication. Tronolone is currently working on a novel. He may try to publish in Readers Digest in order to gain prominence.

When asked to share a title of one of his stories, he refused, wanting to keep them private. He explains that no one inspires his stories, maybe the characters, but not the story itself.

“My stories are inspired by things that have happened to me, or strange dreams that I have had,” said Nick Tronolone, thinking back on his life. “The first thing an incompetent person is going to want to do is fight you, an intelligent person will want to debate you, but a wise person will ask you why. Always look for that wise person because they’re the ones that will motivate you.”



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