This Season’s Fall Hair Trends and Quiffs

Prominent Fall Hair Styles

By Alycia Paccione

Everyone is heading back to school and showing off a new hair-do  that is trending  this year. For men and woman, it might just be a subtle change from 2013, either way take some notes and follow the trends.

From what I have seen, the long bob is making a comeback this year, along with a sleek classic look to die for.

I spoke with Jackie Vasquez who is a hair stylist at Positivity Hair Studio located on 8 Johnson Street in Staten Island, New York.

“The ombrè trend is not dying down at all, just deeper tones with a darker, more natural root,” she said.

After speaking with Gina Lopez from Mia Passione hair salon located at 4906 Arthur Kill Road Staten Island, New York,  she mentioned “Warm browns and copper highlights, deepening that summer ombrè to transition to fall with a long bob cut or a pixie cut.”

So ladies, hurry up and make the appointment. The school year has already started! A fall trend that we always see coming back is  bangs. Whether it’s a side swept or a full bang, there are a bold few that can rock this style with no shame.

Those subtle beach waves don’t look like they are going anywhere this fall and that sleek classic look was big on the runways this year with braids to make a statement. We shall see which trends will come alive on campus, and which ladies will rock the hair with style, and a little attitude.

Now men, I told you I would help out with the new hair trends for Fall 2014. From what I have seen so far, a messy slicked back look can either be classic or trendy with added long layers to your hair.  The modern quiff, as we shall call it (or a poof, as many of you know it), can also be worn as Bruno Mars would wear it. It is a trendy messy hair style, which is big this year.

The comb-over or a comb-back with sides is a style David Beckham has rocked for years. Alternatives to that are the sideways fringe and a retro wave. Both are very 80’s but still look good this year.

After catching up with Michele Loverde, who is a hair stylist and barber at Mia Passione hair salon, she said that the  faux hawk is back, “but the most popular trend is going to be super tight, tapered sides with a disconnected long top.”

Loverde promises that this can either be styled messy or parted to the side. Each provides for a more classic and professional look. Also facial hair is going to play a huge part this season.

“Facial hair is a must this season, keeping the lines nice and clean and letting your beard grow out just a little longer,” she said. “[Combining] the disconnected top hair cut with shaved sides and a nice clean beard is going to bring the whole look together.”

Men you better go see Michele and get your trendy new 2014 fall hairstyle before the season is over.


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