Gabriel Iglesias Comes To New York

Comedian “Ushers Unity Through Laughter” at MSG

By Matthew McKenna

Fans of the Fluffy man, Gabriel Iglesias, were happy to hear the comedian was going to do a performance at Madison Square Garden on April 17 with his friends from his show from Comedy Central, “Stand Up Revolution.”

They were not disappointed with the jokes that came from him and his friends.

Iglesias performed in New York as part of his Unity Through Laughter Tour. He had four friends tag along for the show: Larry Omaha, Mark Viera, Alfred Robies, and Rick Guiterrez.

As people walked into the building, gift stores displayed t-shirts, movies, toys, and other collectables.

Concession stands had long lines for people to get food and drinks and the floors were crowded with people trying to find their seats.

Audience members were astounded to see the size of the stage and how many seats there were.

There were well over 1,000 seats in the stadium and as people began to fill them up; the show looked like it was sold out.

Before the show began, people took selfies and were told that if they uploaded them to any social media network like Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag “unitythroughlaughternyc,” their pictures would appear on the big screen.

The show began with Mark Viera introducing himself, telling jokes, and introducing the other comedians.

Each one had his own style. And in spite of the fact that some jokes were reused, they were still funny even if you heard them before.

After each one did his routine, there was an intermission before the main comedian appeared onstage.

When Gabriel arrived on stage, the entire stadium echoed with people shouting “Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy!”

Once he appeared, the stadium shook as people applauded him and continued shouting his nickname.

He respectfully asked that people not record anything because he wished to use the new jokes for future specials, and if they did, they would be escorted out of the stadium by security.

His routine was the same, but he delivered great punch lines. His style of taking everyday things that we barely notice and turning them into something funny was great.

Sharing stories about his trips around the world and previous shows were all interesting to hear.

Laughter filled the stadium as joke after joke was told, and if they were funny enough, audience members would applaud or shout “Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy!”

Towards the end of the show, Gabriel started retelling some old jokes from previous specials or from his show.

Audience members didn’t care though, and instead said the jokes as Gabriel told them. There were particular parts where audience members would say “Martine,” to which Gabriel turned around and said, “Since when did my show become a karaoke.”

Audience members gave Gabriel a standing ovation as he left the stage and said good night. The show was fantastic and audience members left satisfied. As a fan myself, I was overjoyed to be a part of the show, especially because this was a treat for me.

I laughed so hard that my head hurt and it became difficult for me to breathe. The only thing I was worried about was the guy next to me spilling his beer on me or on the people in front of him.


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