It’s Just Not in The Cards: The Guidance of Staten Island Psychic

How Crystals And Candles Brought Back My Self-Confidence And Changed My Life

By Lucia Rossi

Life can be tough and everybody feels lost sometimes. Not everyone has the strength or the patience to find the answers themselves but with an open-mind, a little help, and a little cash, you can be pointed in the right direction.

I barely believe in religion much less psychics, but I have come to a point in my life where I need some hope, so I thought maybe a psychic can provide that, as well as insight into what I need to focus on in the future.

I went in as a skeptic but came out a believer, and maybe that made all the difference in my recovery from a broken heart.

I remember I went to Mrs. Anna Martin once in high school and I was very impressed with her accuracy.

That was just for a palm reading.

This time, I went all the way. I got a Tarot Card reading and am using crystals to aid in my spiritual recovery.

Not only that, but Mrs. Martin is a self-proclaimed Spiritual Reader and Advisor. She’s basically a life coach, and with 40 years of experience, she is a pro. She speaks the truth and doesn’t hold back, so try not to get insulted.

Now you may say, “oh, but it’s all fake”, “oh, they’re just very observant”, or “oh, it’s all a waste of money,” but the truth is, sometimes you get your best answers to our questions from complete strangers, especially a woman who is as aged and wise as Mrs. Martin, she has seen and dealt with all types of people and problems.

You can talk to your friends, your family, neighbors, teachers, but this is the cheapest and most professional help you can find. Sure, it may not work for everyone but it’s fun and worth a try.

All I told her was my birthday, and the rest just flew right out of her mouth.

The tarot cards did not lie. She was able to tell me what really happened in my failed relationship, without me giving her any clues.

Sure, she did ask a few general questions like, “where do you work?”, “What are you studying?”, and “how do your parents feel about that?” but the details of how people felt were spot on.

Along the way, she was very encouraging and supportive, she said I needed to focus on myself and my life.

I need to gain my self-confidence back, trust myself again, and believe that I can be successful without the love of a man. She assured me that

I would love again someday, and that maybe the man I love will return but only after he grows up.

She told me to trust my instincts, because they were right all along, and nothing that happened was my fault and I grew out of the man I was with.

The cards said that I am blessed and that I come from blessed parents, which I do believe.

However, there is a blemish on my spirit because of the effects of my break-up. This may all sound like just friendly advice, but what really made me believe was what she said next.

As a Spiritual reader she asked me, “Is there something wrong with your stomach? Your stomach is caving in on itself. Are you throwing up a lot?” I immediately broke into tears.

I told her that because of my break-up I didn’t eat for days and I threw up a lot because of nervousness and pain.

I lost 8 lbs. in one week alone and didn’t know how to feel normal again. She then took my hands to consult angels to give me back my spirit, to give me strength, and to protect me.

When I was at my most vulnerable, that’s when she made the next sales pitch. Although, I think she only pushed for it, not because of the money, but because she knew I needed it.

She genuinely seemed to want to help me heal and stressed the importance of that, as well as how she can help me take back control.

In that moment, I would’ve believed just about anything.

So, after spending $50 on the Tarot Card reading, I made a $50 deposit for my next session involving the use of crystals and a candle.

Mrs. Martin was like a doctor in the way where she prescribed me something I had to do and then come back to see her.

She gave me three crystals and one tea light candle.

She then told me that for the next three nights, I had to meditate for seven minutes or more (no less), with the candle burning near me and the crystals held to my stomach.

Then, I would have to sleep with the crystals underneath my pillow each night. When the three days were up, I would go back to her so she can evaluate whatever these items collect.

My mother, who is a very religious woman, did not like that I was doing this. But, why not do this?

I am a woman with nothing to lose and money doesn’t seem as important as my well-being.

Although it was very expensive, I feel like the result will ultimately be priceless.

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