First Lady Fashion: Then & Now

Analyzing The Outfits Of Our New First Lady, Melania Trump

By: Briana Delbuono

For those of you who have been paying attention to the 2016 presidential election, you have probably noticed that our new first lady has been pulling off some pretty spectacular outfits, not unlike our former first lady, Michelle Obama.

Both women have pretty different tastes in clothing, but both seem to always slay the game. Set aside the claims that the two are competing with each other, and we can appreciate and analyze both of these beautiful women as they are.

Former model, Melania Trump, is used to dressing in many different ways due to her career history, and now she will adopt conservative, political attire, as she has pulled off quite seamlessly during the election.

For the first presidential debate, Melania wore a gorgeous off-the-shoulder black gown by Roland Mouret with matching black pumps.

Her blonde locks were loose, flowing and successfully framing her perfectly symmetrical face. Well done!

At the 2012 Democratic Convention, Michelle Obama wore a pink floral brocade Tracy Reese frock along with a pair of J. Crew Everly suede pumps in the color rhubarb.

This luminescent dress showed off her toned arms, a feature that she has been revered for throughout her presence in the White House.

More recently, Melania Trump was seen wearing a hot-pink high-neck pussy bow blouse by Gucci along with matching pants at the second presidential debate this year.

Due to the rivalry between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the public speculated that this move was a way of Melania aligning herself with Clinton, who was known for frequently donning pantsuits, and even sparked Facebook users to create a secret ‘Pantsuit Nation’ group.

Though this is probably not true, it goes to show how closely the media will scrutinize you when you hold an important position such as being the First Lady.

Michelle wore a sensible turquoise knee-length dress designed by her friend, Maria Pinto, at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

This simple high-neck, classy dress gained her a lot of attention for her “fashion forward chic” and was even compared to Jackie Kennedy. Michelle never disappoints!

For the third presidential debate of the 2016 election, Melania donned a gorgeous black jumpsuit from Ralph Lauren with yet another pussy bow (similar to the one she wore for the second debate).

With it, she wore a patent-leather belt and an Alexander McQueen clutch, as reported by Vogue. She definitely turned heads in this number, once again.

The morning after Obama swept the election in 2008, the former FLOTUS donned a black and red sheath dress by Narciso Rodriguez, an adaptation of the designer’s original version of the dress, which was seen on the runway just two months earlier.

This dress sparked a particular debate amongst voters, one even stating that they “voted for Obama but didn’t vote for that dress.” Harsh.

On the 2016 election night, Melania wore a flattering all-white jumpsuit by Ralph Lauren with her blonde locks flowing, as per her usual look.

Speculators say the new FLOTUS took a cue from Hillary Clinton, who donned the color white during the latter portion of her campaign.

Once again, she knocked this look out of the water.

It seems like the two FLOTUS have a few things in common; they are always in the spotlight, impeccably stylish and are always guaranteed to dress conservatively and still turn heads.

Melania has already left a significant mark and her husband hasn’t even been inaugurated yet. Surely, we have an interesting four years ahead of us, and Melania is definitely going to slay her way through.

If we are going to use any women as role models, first ladies are definitely a good place to start.

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