Cuomo, Stung by scandal

Cracking down on FRAUD in CUNYS, SUNYS

By: Danielle Sossi


As we all know, nothing’s perfect in this world, including the City and State University of New York.  What matters to us is the CUNY systems where our tax and donation money is going.  The money is supposed to be going to needy students and crucial campus projects. As many are saying, management of CUNY is creating a system of abuse.

The money has been going to very unnecessary places; Brooklyn College discretionary funds were used by the college president for a part time housekeeper whose annual salary was $36,000 a year. As the other incidents were uncovered at City College, the president of the college unexpectedly resigned after he was contacted by officials about the former president of City College, Lisa S. Coico.

The administration had been handling more than $150,000 of her own personal expenses and evidence that related to those expenses had been fabricated. Ms. Coico is not being investigated with improper spending at this time. The CUNY system is hiring an outside lawyer that will cost the university a whopping $180,000 and is part of a pattern of CUNY’s hiring external consultants and lobbyists at significant cost to the public.   

A freshman at CSI, Angel Kunag, a liberal arts major, didn’t hear or know of any CUNY fraud happening when asked about the incidents. When asked what she thinks officials are going to do about it, she said it is great that officials will be looking into this but there aren’t enough details on what they’re going to do.

Andrew Cuomo will crack down on the fraud in the City University of New York by giving the new inspector general more oversight in a wide- ranging call for government reform.


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