Summer Nights Gambling Turn into a Career in the Sex Industry

Can the Sex Industry Pay for Your College Tuition?

By: Audrey Valenti

College tuition weighed heavily on his mind after a weekend getaway with a few friends to Atlantic City. In three days Michael Maugeri lost fifteen thousand dollars. The fall semester started in less than two weeks and there was no way to pay for his classes or textbooks. While still in Atlantic City, Maugeri noticed the strip club inside his hotel was hiring.

“I was feeling self-destructive after a three year break up; we knew each other for ten years,” said Maugeri. “To make things worse, I was laid off from my job.”

Maugeri’s ex-girlfriend had given him an ultimatum. He had to choose between his love for acting or her. She did not take him seriously as an actor, so he left.

Maugeri was awarded a severance pay, but blew it all. Stripping brought in hundreds of dollars a night. Within a month, Maugeri finally made enough money to afford college. Maugeri believed he could make more money after a friend suggested he try out camera modeling.

This would mean Maugeri would have to take his clothes off on the internet and take requests from strangers. More often than not, most clients wanted to watch Maugeri masturbate. Maugeri admitted to faking ejaculation with a special machine on days he could not perform.

When working full time, Maugeri made one thousand dollars a week. Working part time he made anywhere between six hundred to eight hundred dollars a week. When Maugeri did not film he managed fake social media profiles.

“I spent twenty hours a week live streaming myself masturbating,” said Maugeri. “I was offered thousands of dollars just to take my clothes off.”

Maugeri’s agent promised that members of the website who lived on the East coast could not see him, prompting him to show his face. Maugeri said when he first started live streaming, he felt embarrassed. He would open up to people and make him feel ashamed.

“I never worried about Mike’s safety, but I was curious,” said Lisa Bauso, a friend of Maugeri. “I wanted to know what site he was on and how he was being promoted.”

Maugeri was often given strange requests from clients. One client asked Mike if he could impregnate her for fifty thousand dollars. Her husband left her due to a double vasectomy and hair loss. Because of chemotherapy she had conceiving difficulties. She said she would fly to him from Denver while she was fertile and “sex slave” for two weeks.

Maugeri also worked for “Rent-a-Gent.” He offered himself to women aged forty-eight to fifty-five. His services included massages, sex, and therapy sessions.

Maugeri said he would only reconsider camera modeling if he was in a serious relationship with a woman, but he still offers out his services to anyone who is willing to pay. He said that he feels that he might have a sex addiction after working in the industry for quite some time.

“I’ve been with more women than I’m willing to say,” said Maugeri. “Well over three hundred.”

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