CSI Cafeteria Wants to Hear From YOU!

Dining Services Makes an Effort to Respond to Feedback

By: Lucia Rossi

What is that delicious smell coming from the kitchen? That is the inviting and exciting stench of change.

CSI Student Affairs and Auxiliary Services has decided it is time to listen and address concerns of students in regards to the quality, pricing, and variety of foods available in our cafeteria.

It is their hope to create a more meaningful dialogue with the student body in order to improve the campus community and enhance our dining experience.

According to the Director of Auxiliary Services, Mary-Jeanne Hennessy, this is important because, “All revenues generated in Auxiliary Services, which includes Dining, Bookstore and Parking Services, are returned back in support of the College in the form of student scholarships, support of activities, commencement, snow removal and facilities maintenance.”

Students, clubs, organizations and faculty are therefore providing support for the college by buying from our cafeteria.

With a steady and reliable flow of revenue, the cafeteria could address their own concerns such as, “an infrastructure in much need of repairs, rising minimum wage costs, difficulty in keeping prices competitive with some of the external vendors due to labor and food costs.”

“A Dining Services Survey will be distributed this term, where feedback will be solicited. Student and campus feedback will contribute to the future strategic direction of Dining Services at CSI, including menu options, facility design and potential new vendor partnerships,” said Hennessy.

However, according to Hennessy, the interest in feedback doesn’t stop with the survey.

“A follow up to the survey will include the opportunity for students and staff alike to provide constructive feedback on service, menus, prices, and opportunity for fresh ideas,” she said.

Dining and Auxiliary services would also like to create better communication through speaking with CSI’s student government more regularly to discuss issues they might not be aware of. This way, they could also provide their information about upcoming events, projects, and potential partnerships more clearly and directly.

Students will also be happy to know that the main dining facility in the Campus Center will finally be accepting credit cards this spring.

Furthermore, Hennessy disclosed that, “A new vending machine has been installed in Building 3A, with plans for 2 additional to be installed in the new 2M location.”

Auxiliary Services has also been working towards having a better social media presence through Twitter and Instagram.

“[This] will allow quick and easy access to announcement, specials or new menu items,” said Hennessy.

Auxiliary and Dining services have many goals that reflect the concerns of its patrons.

Hennessy named a few such as, “provide additional food options that respond to the requests and needs of a growing and diverse population,”, “renovation of the space, both back end and front, to accommodate the volume and needs of the growing student population,” and “have the ability to provide nutritional information with ease, displayed on electronic menu boards or potentially a smartphone application.”

In order to provide a more affordable and delicious dining experience at the college, they need to hear from its customers. So, if you have any helpful suggestions or even complaints about the food or services, don’t be afraid to make them known.

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