Sex and Relationships

What Pornography and its Stars May Want You to Know

Settle Down for Porn 101!


People who watch adult entertainment may actually have a head-start on better sex.

With this, there are certain things that the adult entertainment industry wants you to know as a viewer.

Some porn just looks like a terrible play with bad actors and actresses – this is because it comes from a script.

Tori Black, an adult entertainment star, explained that most of the elements are known before the shoot is scheduled, such as how much talking is done between the two pornstars.

Emotions in porn are not expressed the way it would be in real-life sex. In fact, the stars may not know who they’re working with until the day of the shoot, proving that the passion you see and hear is complete fabrication.

Another strange but possibly reassuring fact is that the positions you see online are not meant to be recreated in real life.

Most of the positions that are seen are way too uncomfortable for sex, yet intercourse is supposed to be pleasurable. A number of people get sent to the hospital because of trying out the positions they see in porn.

“All of these positions are done for the sake of a good camera shot,” said Buzzfeed. However, it’s one of the ways they keep viewers watching it.

The only viewers of your act are you and your partner, and being comfortable is key.

Good sex has nothing to do with penis size; it’s a matter of how you use it.

A lot of men are conscious about the size of their penis, which may hinder a number of them from having sex.

The majority of penises are neither big nor small; rather in-between. Utilizing what actually is there is what’s most important.

There are many resources available aside from pornography that one can use to step up their game. Communication between partners is an excellent example.  

This is key in all relationships, and sex especially.

A person may be try to do an awkward position with their partner, and it becomes uncomfortable or even harmful. There’s nothing wrong with trying, but don’t be afraid to say it isn’t working out.

Going too fast when the other wants it slow is another common fallacy, and this occurs with both guys and girls.

First-timer or not, speak up.

For everyone, there will be times of rejection- this is perfectly normal. It’s one of the main ways one can become a better partner in sex and in a relationship, especially with the desire to take it to the next level.

It’s most important to be comfortable and have fun rather than have “perfect sex” – it’s just unrealistic.

Even though pornography portrays “perfected sex,” there are scenes, just like in regular movies, that have been cut. The sex can be too loud, too messy, or even funny; these parts are edited out, yet they still occur.

Though people feel like they need to perform flawlessly during sex, sometimes the silly moments are the best, as they can make for the most enjoyment. This shouldn’t ruin the mood between you and your partner.  

The final important thing to note is that despite how crazy the sex looks, porn stars have safe sex, and so can you.

There is usually a disclaimer shown before the action is seen, normally stating that the actors and actresses are tested before a shoot. Most porn stars are included in scenes with various other stars, which makes sense for why they are tested.

Not only is it a matter of being honest and true to your mate, but also using everyone’s favorite contraceptive tool- the condom.

So, get tested, use condoms and play it safe.


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