Are PopSockets Just Another Lazy Gimmick?

A Closer Look Into Yet Another 21st Century Fad

By: Lucia Elmi

Don’t get fooled by the pretty design. Save your money. (Credit: alphgamboutique.org)

PopSockets. Their existence, in short, is pointless. They have one single basic function and that is to stick to the back of your phone and occasionally pop in and out for extra grip support when needed. That’s it. If the function is so simple and can be easily replaced by other products, then why waste your money on a PopSocket?

Marketing has the answer to that. PopSocket companies for the most part know their product is too simple to even be considered a new great invention. They’re plenty of other products on the market that have the same function as a PopSocket and do a better job at it.

One such product is the rubberized phone case. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are just as easily customizable as a PopSocket. If made well, they can even easily outlive the half-life of a PopSocket.

However, in today’s world social media has become one of the biggest economic shifters of the 21st century, and companies know to make sure to take advantage of that.

PopSockets are no different. One of the biggest reasons PopSockets have become one of the  top phone accessory sellers worldwide is because of the audience they have been geared towards.

According to the Pew Research Center, about 71% of Instagram and Snapchat users are between the ages of 18 and 24. That’s a big number that marketing companies just can’t wait to sink their teeth into.

It is an all around known fact that the young adult population is one of the most gullible, if not the most gullible when it comes to product persuasion. If all their friends have a trending item, then that means that they must get one too.

For the sake of simplifying, trending items amongst the young adult and teen populations are for the most part seen as a representation of status. It’s a way for individuals to fit in with the rest of the group, which evolutionarily speaking, is a natural inclination of human nature.

When taking into consideration this social aspect and the natural impulsiveness of young people, it is no wonder marketing companies are so eager to create the next trending item for them.

Another tactic marketing strategists use when strategizing a new product is creating one that has a design fit for the consumer. A good example of a well-designed product that appeals to the desired age group are Fidget Spinners. The name says it all.

As youth comes with an abundance of energy, a product that meets those needs is something that will sell. It is a handheld device, perfect for people who need something to do with their hands, and can be used in a number of fun and creative ways when playing with friends. It functions as a great interactive product that will be sure to keep young kids busy.

The material PopSockets are made of is also nothing to rave about. It’s made of plastic and thin rubber, both of which can sustain damage easily. The cheap materials that make up a PopSocket should not be selling as high as $20 in certain retail stores. It is not smart purchasing move, especially when the product is obviously doomed to break easily.

In the end, Popsockets are relatively useless. It’s just another product that appeals to trend supporters and people that like small handheld trinkets to keep them occupied. If you know what’s best for your wallet, please save your money and pass up a PopSocket when you’re tempted to buy one.


Sources: pewinternet.org

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