Universal Studios Gets Spooky for the Halloween Season

New Haunted Houses and Attractions are Unveiled During Halloween Horror Nights

By: Brooke Price

Halloween Horror Nights incorporates popular shows and movies such as “Stranger Things.” Credit:

It’s time to get spooky because Halloween Horror Nights is here at Universal Studios. The haunted houses, mazes, scare zones, and spine-chilling shows at the Hollywood and Orlando locations will frighten you.

On select nights from September 6th to November 2nd, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando takes place.

There are ten new haunted houses that will thrill and chill you. Some feature popular movies and TV shows such as “Stranger Things,” “Us,” “Ghostbusters,” and “Killer Klowns from Outer Space.”

The “Stranger Things” haunted house takes you through Hawkins and deep into the Upside Down. Jordan Peele’s “Us” haunted house follows the Wilson family and their terrifying encounter with their doppelgangers. 

The “Ghostbusters” haunted house enables you to step into the film and witness Slimer, the pudgy green ghost and even see the famous Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” haunted house is the worst fear for those who don’t fancy clowns. 

After being chilled to the bone, you might want to refuel for more terrifying fun. Why not try some unique Halloween foods, such as s’mores, fries, pizza fries, chocolate dipped bacon on a stick, “Ghostbusters” trap popcorn, and the triple decker extravaganza waffle that was shown on “Stranger Things”?

Some new shows that you can see include the “Halloween Marathon of Mayhem” and the “Academy of Villains: Altered States” shows.

“Halloween Marathon of Mayhem” is a water and light show that displays classic scenes from “Stranger Things,” “Ghostbusters,” “Universal Monsters” and Killer Klowns from Outer Space,” which are projected onto the lagoon. “Academy of Villains: Altered States” is a show that incorporates dance, acrobatics and theatrics to tell a story.

There are also some new scare zones that guests can walk through. The “Anarch-cade” is an 80’s style arcade area where everything is decorated in neon lights. 

However, be wary of the neon clad people who may lurk near you. “Variety ball” is a fashion show that showcases the new gory trends on the runway where models display new facial features and bloodied bandages.

Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios in Hollywood takes place on select nights from September 13th to November 3rd.

Another cool event that takes place during Halloween Horror Nights at the Hollywood location is 80’s Throwback Thursday. Every Thursday night, there will be an 80’s themed dance party with a live band, as well as a special appearance by the raunchy Beetlejuice. 

Like the Orlando counterpart, haunted houses such as those for “Stranger Things,” “Ghostbusters” and “Us” are present. However there are some new haunted mazes that are exclusive to this location.

New haunted mazes include “Holidayz in Hell,” “The Curse of Pandora’s Box” and “The Walking Dead Attraction.”

“Holidayz in Hell” is where guests can walk through rooms involving different holidays such as Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and the Fourth of July, that have a scary surprise. 

In “The Curse of Pandora’s Box,” patrons can navigate through the underworld and see terrifying monsters of Greek mythology and even spot Medusa if they dare.

At “The Walking Dead Attraction,” guests can navigate through a post-apocalyptic world as they try to avoid walkers, who are hungry for the living.

There are also some different foods at the Hollywood location. These include Slimer’s dog, a cherry cola corn dog, Mind Flayer’s Milkshake, and Killer Klown’s Cocoon Donut. 

Slimer’s dog is inspired by the green ghost from “Ghostbusters.” Slimer’s dog is a hot dog with “green slime” (green nacho cheese) on it along with some roasted peppers. Other unique foods include a cherry cola corn dog, which is a corn dog with cherry cola batter, cherry ketchup and cherry pop rocks on top.

Mind Flayer’s Milkshake is a chocolate shake with strawberry sauce in it with chocolate whipped cream, Oreo crumbs, a black waffle cone, and black licorice on top. This dessert mimics the sinister creature in “Stranger Things.”

The Killer Klowns Cocoon Donut is a huge donut stuffed with raspberry filling, covered with pink icing and pink cotton candy on top; it’s big enough to share!

There are also some different scare zones such as “Fallen Angelz” and “Christmas in Hell.” In “Fallen Angelz,” ghouls and skeletons run loose and wreak havoc on guests. In “Christmas in Hell,” guests can walk by an evil Santa Claus, nutcrackers, and other Christmas related monsters. 

Since the fall season is here, why not try a haunting new experience?

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