Five Popular YouTubers Who Tell Scary Stories

If You Like Scary Stories, Then You Should Check Out These YouTubers!

By: Carlos Glick

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Who doesn’t love scary stories? With the Halloween season approaching, here are some Youtuber’s who produce scary stories to binge-watch all year long. All of these creators tell these stories ranging from a variety of subjects, topics, and themes. 

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First on the list is “Mr. Nightmare”, who is currently my favorite. He frequently puts up one video per week or so, which mostly consists of scary stories and dark themed lists. An example of this is his latest video titled, “3 True Disturbing Fall Horror Stories.”

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“Mr. Creepy Pasta,” frequently puts up five videos per week and posts them Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with gaming livestreams on the weekends. His latest video is titled “Every Time I Walk Outside my Apartment, Something Terrible Happens.

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“Corpse Husband,” tells scary stories that are mostly true, this makes them even more horrifying. His last true scary story video is entitled “3 of the Most Popular True Scary Stories Found on Reddit.” The last three videos he had posted were video game based, talking about the new popular mobile and PC game ‘Among Us’.

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“Scary Mysteries” frequently posts two videos a week and they mainly focus on the most terrifying psychos and murderers. They also speak about supernatural effects, and the most confusing unexplained mysteries known to man. His latest video is titled “Missing: Jake Millison and Kennedy Ife- Scary Mystery Twisted News.”

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“Being Scared” posts videos weekly to keep your blood running cold. He frequently posts two videos a week. His last video he posted was “Relaxing Rain and True Scary Stories 2 Real Rain Video (Scary Stories) Rain Video Rain.”

There are many Youtuber’s and creators beyond this list and they can be checked out at, a website that provides a list of nearly 100 Youtube Channels who tell anything from ghost stories to unexplained mysteries.

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