The 2020 Election: Who Will Be Our Next President?

As the election progresses, we catch a clear glimpse as to who is in the lead.

By: Jolisa Wright 

            We are into the fourth day of counting votes and the race for who will be president is still on. As of Friday morning, Joe Biden currently has 253 electoral votes, while Trump has a total of 214.

            Biden has won two of the major states, Wisconsin with 49.6% and Michigan with 50.6%. If he wins Pennsylvania, he will be the next President of the United States.

Trump is currently 50 electoral votes behind in the race to 270. He has a lead on two states that can help him catch up. North Carolina is still waiting on the counts of mail in ballots but so far Trump is in the lead with 50.1%, while Biden has 48.7%.

If Trump wins North Carolina, it will give him 15 more votes. Pushing him to a total of 229 votes, but he will still be behind. Alaska is another state Trump has a lead in with 62.1%, while Biden has 33.5%. 

Right now, Joe Biden is winning Pennsylvania with 3,301,176 votes and Trump is 3,292,149. Biden is ahead by 9,027 votes but trump still has a chance to win PA.  

If Trump wins Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Alaska and Nevada he will be able to win the election by 274 electoral votes. If he doesn’t win these states Biden will only need to win the state of Pennsylvania to hit the 270 mark.   

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