We Need to Talk About the Genius that is Anthony and Sebastian

SamBucky, everyone! (Spoilers!) 

By: Angelina Salvador

Angelina Salvador Opinions Issue15

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Credit: The New York Times

As a Marvel fanatic, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was the perfect introduction to the new phase, and news stories, to what the world is like ever since The Snapback in the movie Avengers: Endgame. The show has been such a treat to viewers like me who have been so invested by the main characters, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. 

Throughout the six episodes of the season, the show provides action, comedy, and heartfelt moments. The main characters, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are shown how their life has been like ever since Steve had given Sam the shield and left.  

The show touches on important topics that transcend from your television screen to real life. Themes like power, redemption, institutional racism, and friendship are constant throughout the show and nothing seems forced or entirely rushed. 

The writers execute a unique story for every character, from hero to villain. Although some villains’ storyline seems to fall a bit flat (Karli Morgenthau and Zemo), it still doesn’t take away how breathtaking the show was filmed and the beautiful acting from everyone. 

As I watched the episodes one by one, released every Friday, I was so intrigued by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Despite seeing everything they’ve been in, from Marvel projects to beyond, I was so blown away. 

Anthony Mackie’s performance as Sam Wilson is beautifully done. Sam radiates kindness, and with that comes power and results in being worthy of the shield. Mackie is phenomenal and so beautiful, that he just captures what it’s like to be a hero, as Captain America but most importantly, Sam Wilson. 

Angelina Salvador Opinions Issue#15 (1)

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson. Credit: TV Line 

The dynamic between Mackie and Stan translated so well, that the build-up to the friendship between Sam and Bucky was perfectly done. I felt like I was just watching them as opposed to Sam and Bucky, but it really made the show more powerful. 

Sebastian Stan’s performance as Bucky Barnes was incredible, and the different emotions and characteristics we see for him are outstanding. His character development since we last saw him a decade ago in Captain America: The First Avenger, has been one of the best character arcs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Angelina Salvador Opinions #15 (3)

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. Credit: Screen Rant

Throughout the show, Bucky is seen trying to overcome the things he’s done when he had no control, under the name The Winter Soldier. He was wallowing in self-pity, and it wasn’t until Sam had given him a straightforward talk about acknowledging: is he trying to make amends for himself, or for the people he’s hurt? 

Bucky’s apology to Sam meant everything to not only Sam but to everyone watching the show. This showed that this isn’t something to be brushed under the rug, and the fact that they made Bucky and Sam have this conversation, really gives a hopeful sense of a stronger friendship between them. 

It was easily one of my favorite scenes (besides all the comedic moments) from the show, and it was extremely important. Having Bucky acknowledge his privilege was something we don’t normally see on television (or real-life either). Bucky had been giving himself a hard time, that he didn’t understand that he wasn’t trying to overcome anything. 

With those six episodes, I think the characters, actors, and our fans could benefit from more SamBucky. With rumors floating around, fans are anticipating a fourth Captain America movie, with Anthony Mackie as Sam/Cap and possibly Sebastian Stan as Bucky. 

Angelina Salvador Opinons Issue#15 (2)

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie as Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. Credit: Movie News Net

As the last episode of the season ended, it left off with friends Sam and Bucky staring off at the sunset and open waters at Wilson’s home in Delacroix. Although it gave us a happy ending, it leaves us Marvel fans anticipating more stories involving the characters. 

I might be biased and favor Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan (a lot), but they’re worth the praise that’s being given by not only me but by fans everywhere. I don’t just want more of the series, I need more SamBucky adventures as they fight side by side, as a team. 

If a show like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier can tie together so many genres and themes, I can only anticipate what the future can hold for these brilliant and inspiring characters. 

Despite the brilliance of the actors and the main storyline, there are some plot lines that have gone unanswered, we might just expect more stories from the title characters, or even villains Zemo, John Walker and Val, and maybe even Sharon Carter. Here’s to the newest phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! 

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