One Night

After 7 Years, Trials Finally Begin For Paris Terrorist Attacks

By: Kylie Hapuarachchi

Paris police investigate those whose lives were taken. Credit: Britannica 

Paris, the city of love, in one night becomes the city of absolute strife and heartbreak. On November 13th 2014, a group of terrorists took the lives of 130 people with more than 100 in critical condition.

At 9:20pm, the first explosion is set off at the Stade de France. This had occurred when the suicide bomber with an belt wrapped around their waist tried to enter the stadium.

The bomber was stopped by security in which the terrorist responded by backing away and detonating the bombs. This led to the unfortunate death of a passer-by. 

At approximately 9:30pm, a second bomber detonated his vest outside a different entrance of the stadium. Within a couple of minutes at around 9:53pm a third bomber with an explosive vest detonated near a fast-food outlet close to the stadium.

Simultaneously, at 9:25pm terrorists with semi-automatic rifles began shooting at the people in the bar Le Carillon. The gunmen then turned and started to fire at the restaurant Le Petit Cambodge. 

The attack on those two places left 15 people dead and 15 severely injured. 

At 9:32pm those who were at the restaurant Rue de la Fontaine au Roi were attacked leaving 5 people dead and 8 more severely injured. 

Within minutes at around 9:36pm two men attacked the restaurant Rue de Charonne, leaving the men shooting up at the terrace of the restaurant. 

At 9:40 another bomb was detonated at the restaurant Le Comptoir Voltaire. 

The attacks were not over yet. At 9:40pm to approximately 12:20am, multiple men entered the Batalan concert hall that was holding 1,500 people with suicide belts on. 

These men then shot as many as they could which included extra shots towards the ground. This left 89 people dead. 

The dark night in Paris was finally over; however, it had broken the lives and souls of those in that city. 

Now, in 2021, the trial for the remaining terrorist that was linked to the Islamic State (IS) militant group. The sole survivor of the terrorist attack, Salah Abdelslam, was escorted by police. 

The other men that were responsible for the attacks are being considered accomplices and Abdelslam will be tried by a panel of judges. This will be a monumental proceeding with about 300 lawyers and 1,500 plaintiffs. 

The trial alone will last about 9 months. 

It will consist of Abdelslam who has already had an outburst in court according to “The Guardian”, “ ‘We should be treated like human beings. We are treated like dogs.’ ”

His statement comes to mind when you see the 130 people murdered by him and his team. He treated those people with no remorse and yet expects more from the French government. 

One of the witnesses of the night, Jean-Luc Wertenschlag, tells his story. His son died in the cafe below his apartment. Wertenschlag exclaims how that day changed the way he and the other people of Paris lived their lives.

He remembers the inability he had to help even though he tried to help by taking off the shirt he had been wearing to stop the bleeding from someone that was shot by Abdelslam and his team. 

Wertenschlag tells of how he never leaves his home without an actual first aid kit. He is reminded that he lacked an actual kit that night which could have saved a lot more lives. 

November 13th will always be a day that is etched into the minds of Parisian citizens. 

France is mourning the devastation once again as they begin to rip apart what that day was to the people of Paris. 

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