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Humble Beginnings For Both Ethan and Ernest                                                  

College student’s schedule constrasts great American novelist

By: Alexa Piraino

 Ethan Tang, the Panera Bread worker at Staten Island. Credit: Ethan Tang

After learning what the College of Staten Island had to offer, current student and future author Eathan Tang decided to pursue his dreams and study hard. Jumping through all of the obstacles that high school had to offer, Tang was on the right path towards fulfilling his lofty goals. Now striving towards a major in English writing, Tang’s decision is paying dividends. 

He is very happy. His writing skills have improved exponentially. College life agrees with him. He has received encouragement and guidance from many people and develops his special talent everyday.  

From an early age, Tang knew he wanted to write novels but he was only pushed to go farther with his goal when his high school teacher reaffirmed his dreams. ”He should become an author.”. 

Tang then decided to obtain a college education. “I was not interested in sports or going to the gym like most of my friends.” He knew that writing was going to be the key to his own success. 

Hallmarking his work with imagination and clever observations, Tang chooses to continuously fine tune his writing ability. Hoping to graduate next year, Tang knows a serious career decision is up ahead.

 He may pursue a master’s degree or the other option of starting a regular clock in and clock out kind of job. That is of course before Tang’s great novel is published. 

Everyone needs to hold some sort of nine to five job to pay the bills. Along with perseverance and hard work, Tang knows patience is the conqueror of the world. 

Eathan Tang is not afraid of hard work. Along with all of his academic studies, he finds time for employment. Shifts at Panera Bread help pay tuition, they can sometimes last seven hours, sometimes even longer. 

Very often, Tang is alone and responsible for the store. He states, “the hours are long and stressful.” All great writers suffer hardships but Tang knows how to draw from this experience, building character and applying this to his narratives. 

Tang does not like working at Panera Bread but it is a testament to his continuing hard work ethic. He knows anything in life worth achieving requires sacrifice. 

Tang struggled as a youth. While this isn’t a big deal for most, Tang was born left-handed and he tried to use the right to fix the innate disadvantage. 

While his parents were never discouraging, he himself tried to conform but soon gave up.  “Along with writing and other activities, I tried being right-handed but failed.” 

It taught Tanga a very valuable lesson. Be yourself because otherwise you are doomed. 

He realized an author’s most meaningful works are true to the heart.

Panera Bread worker  Eathan Tang  works  hard for the money 

With that in mind, Tang slowly came to enjoy life again. Participating in physical activities, swimming tops his list. He escapes all the pressure that life has to offer by not only writing and swimming but also by being the captain of a League of Legends esports team that plays in the College of Staten Island. 

He sets up league tournaments and chooses team members. Even though feeling unqualified at first, he always feels honored that he was given the position. 

Through being team captain, Tang experiences leadership close up and teaches management skills.Tang always gives it his all. 

Tang’s favorite season is the winter and in explaining why, he says “the deary season permits outside distractions to disappear.” This is the season in which Ethan is the most productive. 

By hibernating in his room and staying away from the cold, Tang produces awesome works. 

Tang is very grateful for CSI and its staff. The college provides excellent instructors and their collective guidance far exceeded Eathan Tang’s expectations. 

They fostered growth both as a writer and as a person that Tang will carry for the rest of his life. Understanding the difficulty of writing beyond one’s scope, he hopes to expand his horizon by enrolling in a journalism class. 

He knows it is wise to keep any and all options open. Tang’s future is bright and filled with lofty expectations. 

After all, renowned novelist Enrest Hemingway was also at one point in time a reporter for the Kansas City Star in 1917. Who knows, Eathan Tang may just follow in his footsteps.

Ethan Tang happy place 

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