Creative Writing

harmony in that of chaos

A poem

By: Huma Ahmad

As my effortless feet touch ice, my body automatically sways and glides through the trickling smooth pressures of the ice.  

The nonchalantness of my body dances with gravity. 

Oh this has been achieved through much chaos. 

chaos is ever so beautiful… 

with its imperfections and its sorrows 

out comes beauty in the pain and trauma 

oh for chaos there wouldn’t be harmony, 

a person shall not find their way out the maze without first being clueless and defeated the droplets of tears that has fallen into agony turns into tears of content 

harmony is what every traveler finds in a hard exploration that has deadly

consequences yet, 

they haven’t thought much about death, they thought about the happiness that will be achieved  in the end 


satisfaction doesn’t appear in the end, it has always been there stashed away in a dusty dull box  surrounded by glittering jewelry and gold. 

Double axel. 

Fallen angel that has been thrown across the cold floor. 

yet a smile. 

mixed feelings of frightenment and excitement. 

stay calm as all cherry blossoms calmly sway through the rainy days of April. 

I pick myself up as if I was picked up by the wind on autumn day.  



Regrets about my feet not being able to be so shaky against the thick ice. Throat sour as an unripe apple, and regrets of eve for my body have been aching from my fatigue. 

Deep breaths.  

From the times I feel most down, I must be part of the environment. 

I must let every edge of my fingerprints to feel the glide of trickling ice.  

I must be as calm as the quiet noises of the night. 

I must be every dancing note that comes out of the cello, violin, piano… 

Jump Combination. 


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