Student Profiles

More than just a sports fan, He can be the next top producer.

Torres has a hidden talent involving music which can possibly take him to the music big leagues.

By: Tatyana Gonzalez

Evan Torres is a 20-year-old CSI communications major. Evan Torres grew up in Brooklyn New York and originally went to Kingsborough Community College where he got his associate’s degree. | Evan Torres

Off of appearance 20-year-old CSI student, Evan Torres looks like a typical sports fan wearing his Mets hat around campus, but when getting to know him, you’ll learn that he enjoys making music. 

 “I started making music simply just because of my love and appreciation for it,” said Torres. “I look up to several artists as role models and I want to be that for other people.”  

Torres enjoys making rap beats, rapping, and plays the piano and guitar. Torres’ music taste varies from Mac Miller, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Ariana Grande. This shows that he is very versatile in his music taste, but when he makes his beats, he makes hip-hop beats. 

Music plays an important role in his life; he even has a tattoo based on an album cover of his favorite Artist Mac Miller which he got during a rough period in his life 

Musical artists have a big impact on people’s lives. Their music is used as an escape for a lot of people, according to the Harvard Health Publishing Music listeners had higher scores for mental well-being and slightly reduced levels of anxiety and depression compared to people overall. 

Musical artists use their personal experiences to reach out to their fans and relate to them on a deeper level and they use specific beats to shape how our mind reacts to the song. A specific artist named Jhene Aiko had said in an interview that in one of her albums she used the concept of sound healing through crystals and sound bowls so her music would have a therapeutic feeling.

Torres had mentioned a time when he had dealt with depression and that Mac Miller’s music helped him and was more like a therapeutic experience. 

“The artist that had the biggest impact on me is easily Mac Miller,” Said Torres “I aspire to be even half the musician he was because he was a generational multi-instrumentalist, producer, and an overall great person who lets his music speak for him.”  

Torres’ love for music shows throughout his life, He attended Rolling Loud in 2021. Rolling Loud is a musical festival hosted in different states that lasts for a couple of days. It’s a big and important event that can help artists get their name out there if they aren’t already known, and it gives fans the opportunity to experience multiple of their favorite artists through one big concert. 

“It was probably the best weekend of my life,” Said Torres. “I got to see some of my current favorite artists with a few friends and stand in a pit surrounded by 50 thousand other people for 10 hours for 3 days.” 

Torres doesn’t know his future like everyone else but when asked about a future job he mentioned being a producer and being a musician. The life of a musician is a hard life because they constantly must please a record company and their fans while still trying to create the music that they love while staying true to themselves.  

“I really don’t know if I see a future making music after only doing it for just a couple of years consistently,” said Torres “I would love for it to work out though, there is nothing I want more in this world, it has been my dream since I was about 8 years old.”

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