Russia Declares War on Ukraine

Ukrainians Flee Country as it is Showered With Bombs.

By: Kylie Hapuarachchi

BBC News | The cities that have been attacked by Russian troops.

The citizens of Ukraine are discombobulated as Russian troops infiltrate their borders. With that Russia officially declares war with Ukraine. 

Within a couple of hours missiles and bombs would be let out in certain cities. Especially in the Northern district in the capital Kyiv which has military troops advancing with armored vehicles of sorts. 

According to the United Kingdom the majority of the troops are around 50 km away (BBC News). While Russia persists with advancing into Ukraine, the Ukrainian citizens have not backed down. 

Most of the able-bodied men have stayed behind to fight back, which has the Ukraine interior ministry giving 18,000 machine guns to those that are fighting. 

There are families that are being torn apart as sons, brothers and fathers stay back to fight a war that was never their choice. 

As the war on land continues to intensify, there have also been grievances on the Black Sea. The Ukrainian soldiers that were on the island by the Black Sea, defended themselves. 

It was even stated that before they had been executed by Russian troops that they had told them to “Go f*** yourselves”. 

There were 13 soldiers on Snake Island or Zmiinyi Island, which is owned by Ukraine and sits to the west of Crimea. All 13 soldiers were killed by Russian troops when asked to surrender.

However, there are new claims that state that those soldiers have not been killed, according to Ukraine’s navy. They state that their deaths are being used as propaganda by Russia. 

With the war just beginning there have already been over 100 casualties from the several attacks that were arranged by President Vladimir Putin. This includes cities and bases that had been attacked during Thursday’s airstrikes. 

The thought comes to mind of what will the rest of the world do now. Since Ukraine was unable to gain their NATO status they were unable to get the support from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). 

The American troops will not intervene in Ukraine, but they will be in Europe to assist the countries that are protected by NATO. 

Another consequence to Russia declaring war with Ukraine is that since World War II this has been one of the first times where Europe is being threatened by war. 

The purpose for the US not intervening is that once America gets involved it will no longer be a war between Ukraine and Russia. It will have turned into another world war. 

This time there are nuclear weapons involved which was not the case during World War II. 

Even though the US is not directly assisting Ukraine in their fight against Russia, they have started to make sanctions against Russia, as have other countries. 

The United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, and New Zealand have listed a series of sanctions on Russia that will affect their banks, oil refineries, and military exports. 

The US has sanctioned their banks which essentially means that US banks must sever all ties with Russia’s corresponding banks specifically Sberbank which is one of Russia’s largest banks within the next 30 days. 

The sanctions continue for Russia’s military, anything that was once being sent through American businesses or America overall will not be used anymore in Russia. 

The President of Ukraine has denied any need to evacuate and instead states that what they truly need is ammunition to help fight back. 

Ukraine is no longer at peace with their country. They have faced more pain in their last week than ever expected. Overnight people have lost their families while soldiers have said goodbye to loved ones. 

The war on Ukraine will lead to a far worse outcome than ever expected. 

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