The Future of Ukraine

Ukrainian Citizens Fight Back

By: Kylie Hapuarachchi

NY Post | Ukrainian civilians train to fight back Russian troops.

The lives of millions of Ukrainian citizens will forever be changed the second that President Putin of Russia decided to attack Ukraine. 

Men and women are put to the test as Russian troops infiltrate cities with troops even taking over cities like Chernobyl. 

Known for its disastrous nuclear plant spill that occurred in 1986, the main zone of the destroyed power plant still remains radioactive. 

With Russia in control of the city and plant, it has left workers stuck there for more than 12 days with no way to get to their families or to get to safety. 

It has been stated that the work inside the facility has continued as usual; however, there is the worry considering that there may be food and medical shortages within the plant. 

According to the BBC News, there has been a relative of one of the workers at the plant that stated that Russian troops have allowed them to leave work.

However, there is a discrepancy in this that those who leave will not be accounted for if anything happens to them on their journey home, the same goes for anyone that is traveling to swap spots with a plant worker. 

There are approximately 2,400 workers at the Chernobyl plant which includes: scientists, technicians, medics, cooks, support staff and some national guard members. 

The people are worried about the radioactiveness that may occur in that area. During the actual siege the radioactive levels did spike due to the military vehicles that had driven and moved the dirt. 

The main reason for Russia wanting to take over Chernobyl is that it has a direct route to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. This road is paved and will support and allow for heavy artillery to be moved to and from the city. 

Although Russian troops have attacked and killed many people in the past couple of weeks, there have been Ukrainian citizens fighting back. 

These citizens have also seized Russian troops, some of these soldiers have claimed that they do not have an idea why they are in Ukraine. They also claim that they do not know who to attack. 

According to Pentagon officials, most of the Russian troops are surrendering instead of fighting the war. Other troops have sabotaged their own vehicles in order to not fight. 

Most of these troops are young men from the age of 18. They have been poorly trained and are inexperienced. Some Ukrainians that have gotten ahold of these troops have allowed for the Russian troops to call back to their home. 

The US has yet to get involved as the other countries have taken a step back. There is an idea to prevent another World War which in this case can lead to a nuclear war ending life as we know it for good.

Ukrainian president, President Zelensky, has asked for air support from the US government, during a Zoom call which included 280 members of the US government. He has pleaded with the US to give more planes in order to fight back with Russia. 

He asks for a no fly zone, however, with that comes the threat that President Putin made. He stated that if a no fly zone was enacted by NATO over Ukraine, that would be considered an act of war. 

President Zelensky has asked for more humanitarian support as well as banning the use of Russian oil. 

This war will be a pointless fight, which will lead to many more innocent lives being taken away. It will ruin families, take away sons, fathers, sisters, daughters, mothers, brothers. It will destroy the life they all once had. 

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