Fight of the Year?!

Katie Taylor defeats Amanda Serrano and remains the undefeated lightweight women’s champion.

By: Emmanuel Mendez

Katie Taylor`s record improves to 21-0 after beating Serrano in Madison Square Garden. |

The main event women’s fight for the undisputed lightweight championship was main event worthy and fight of the year candidate worthy. The Irish undisputed lightweight champion, Katie Taylor, fought the second-ranked lightweight fighter Amanda Serrano.

Boxing fans had requested this fight for the past years based on the performances and dominance of both fighters. Taylor is the undefeated champion, while Serrano has only lost once and has knockout power.

Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul are the co-promoters for this fight that has made history for having women main eventing a boxing event at Madison Square Garden.

An MSG crowd filled with Irish and Puerto Rican fans had anticipated a great fight, and both fighters delivered. The fight was contested in 10 rounds of two minutes. 

Round one showcased Taylor and Serrano’s fast hands, eventually troubling both fighters and making the fight close to call. Taylor landed a couple of left hooks but wouldn’t faze Serrano. 

Serrano would hit back, but Taylor successfully landed more power punches.

Round two was like the first as Taylor would land power punches, but Serrano would begin to punish Taylor. The fight in the first two rounds was close to calling, but the judges gave the rounds to the Irish fighter.

These two women did not stop, and the fight looked quickly paced. Taylor was still connecting with some quick left and right hooks. 

Rounds three and four showcased the fighters’ power punches and continued fighting during the clinches. The Puerto Rican would eventually fight back more often, leaving Katie to start bleeding and turning her face red. 

In the fifth round, both fighters would swing and land punches against each other, leaving the crowd standing at MSG. This led to Taylor wobbling and receiving the most punishment. 

Katie Taylor was bleeding, and Amanda Serrano was in control. The power punches Serrano was landing almost knocked Katie Taylor down, but the Irish champion never dropped. 

The will to continue even when she was completely getting outboxed showed the courage of Taylor, but it seemed as if Serrano was about to knock Taylor out. The entertaining round would finally end, and Taylor luckily remained in the match.

Round six also showed Taylor’s will to continue to fight and punish Serrano while still being wobbled in the previous round. Serrano was also connecting power punches but couldn’t knock out a bleeding Taylor. 

Serrano started to gas a little at the end of round six.

Round seven wasn’t as fast-paced as the previous rounds due to exhaustion, but Serrano landed some body shots on Taylor. Taylor would connect with more lefts and combos to bring Serrano down while the Puerto Rican continued to land body shots. 

Round nine showcased Taylor’s composure and landed way more punches than Serrano, who looked even more tired. Serrano didn’t give up as well and still looked for body shots and an overhand punch that could wobble Taylor. Taylor convincingly takes round nine and most of the round because she continued to score points. 

Both fighters touched gloves before the final round and wanted to go for the knockout. The fast-paced brawl would occur again as both fights continued to land some powerful punches. 

Serrano had some clear bruises on the face, and Taylor would continue bleeding. 

The last 20 seconds showcased both fighters going for the kill, going for the knockout, constantly swinging, and landing right and left hooks. Taylor would connect a powerful left and right hook while more wild swings from Serrano left both fighters wobbled.

Either fighter could’ve won the fight and knocked each other out, which shows how close the fight was. Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano gave their all in this fight and gave the fans a physical and entertaining contest. 

Katie Taylor would win by split decision and remains the undisputed lightweight women’s champion. Judge Guido Cavalleri scored it 96-93 for Taylor. Benoit Roussel scored the fight 96-94 to Serrano. 

Glenn Feldman scored the contest 97-93 to Taylor and thus gave the Irish the win.

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