Answers to The Hardest Question This Summer: What Should You Do To Your Nails?

Gems? Abstract designs? The choices are endless.

By Julia Salazar

Kelly Zheng is a nail technician and the owner of La Belle Nail Spa on Staten Island located on New Dorp Lane. She’s known her clients for many years and often puts her own spin on what her clients want to better fit their style.

CSI student Vanessa Farfan walked into her most frequented nail salon on Staten Island, La Belle Nail Spa, and is immediately greeted by one of the many workers at the front of the salon. She asked how she was doing before asking what service she was looking for. After she asked for a gel manicure, another worker appeared and swept her away to one of the many manicure stations that sat behind the reception desk. 

They both sat and the nail specialist got to work prepping Farfan’s nails. She relaxed as she always does during this process, and watched the TV channel they play on the big screen that hangs on the wall behind all the nail stations. Once the nail specialist was done, she asked Vanessa a seemingly innocent question, “What color?”

Vanessa tensed in her chair and stared at the nail specialist as the question echoed in her mind.

“What color?”

20.05 million people in America got their nails done more than four times in 2020 according to a statistic done in 2021. More than likely, a vast majority of those people also had to deal with the dreaded question of what to actually do to their nails. 

With trends changing at such a fast pace in the fashion world, it starts getting harder and harder to keep up with what’s in today. So the question remains: What are the nail trends for this summer?

“Getting your nails done has become a bigger deal than what it used to be,” said Farfan.  “Nails have become more like a statement piece in your outfit, rather than something that complements an outfit.”

With the sun coming out to wash away the dreary darkness of the fall and winter, bright and pastel colors come to take their rightful place at the tips of your fingers. Although these color hues have always been a staple to the warmer seasons, how they’re used has changed to fit the trends today.

French tip nails are a very common form of nail art to get – to the point that it’s sold as a separate service at nail salons. Now, rather than the traditional white tips, people have taken a spin on the french tip and begun to use color instead. Ruth Lemoine is a student at CSI who has taken part in this upcoming trend in nails.

“I like the French with different colors for the tips, instead of just white,” said Lemoine. “That’s what I have right now – lavender on the tip in an almond shape.”

Especially in the springtime, softer nail looks are a go-to for many people who get their nails done. Almond-shaped nails allow for a more elegant look to the hands and having pastels on them completes the look.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, those looking for a more bold look on their nails can turn to something more eye-catching. Destiny Jimenez, a CSI student studying education, has said big jewels and gems are coming back in, reminiscent of the acrylic flower trend in the early 2000s. 

“The character nail charms are making a comeback,” said Jimenez. “I really like the Sanrio character ones and want to try the style.”

Abstract nail designs have also taken the nail industry by storm, giving people a more creative way to express themselves with their nails. More people look to stand out and experimenting with nail art is one way to get out of your comfort zone. Kelly Zheng is the owner of La Belle Nail Spa on Staten Island and is excited to work with those who bring her designs, even putting her own spin on them to better fit her clients.

“When you have your nails done and you have a design or color you like when you talk you use your hands more,” said Zheng. “Having a design you like gives you more confidence.”

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