A Few New Twists on a Classic Fashion Trend

The Do’s and Don’ts of Denim

Victoria Caroccia

Denim has been around for as long as we can remember. It was airbrushed and ripped up by our moms and dads back in the ’80s, and adorned by every wannabe grunge rocker on MTV in the ’90s. Plus, how can we forget Justin and Britney’s denim-on-denim red carpet look at the 2001 American Music Awards? Despite some major faux pas throughout the years, denim is still a fashion staple today and has made a huge splash on Spring Fashion Week runways.

Because denim is such a timeless and versatile fabric, it’s helped construct a ton of questionable wardrobe choices. One of those pieces is a pair of denim overalls. In the old days the only people to be caught dead wearing overalls were farmers, train conductors, and pre-schoolers. As of last summer, however, the overall trend has returned and can look absolutely adorable when done correctly.

Overall shorts are the perfect summer music festival statement piece. Pair them with a cute cropped t-shirt underneath or a strapless bandeau. If you want to go for a more traditional look, wear a colored button down shirt underneath a pair of long overalls. If you’re wearing pants in lieu of shorts, wear them with a pair of high heels for a more feminine look.

Another unexpected denim trend comeback has probably been collecting dust in the back of your dresser drawer since middle school. Denim mini skirts were all the rage back when the Jonas Brothers were still a band and are (surprisingly) still considered fashionable.

The denim mini is best paired with a menswear inspired piece, like an oversized button-down shirt. Tuck in the front and wear it with a pair of flip flops or boat shoes for a preppy, Abercrombie-inspired look.

If these trends still leave a bad taste in your mouth, there are a million and one ways to wear denim. One of the easiest and most stylish ways is with a chambray shirt. They come in all different washes, and whether dark or light, dressed up or dressed down, make an adorable and classic outfit.

While the weather is still frigid, throw a light cardigan over your chambray with the sleeves rolled up. For something a little more fancy, wear it underneath a blazer. On a warmer, more casual day, wear a chambray as an overshirt with a cute graphic tee or colorful tank underneath. Accessorize your chambray with a fur or cargo vest, or button it all the way up and wear a statement necklace.

Chambray shirts can be paired with black or colored jeans. If you plan on wearing denim jeans along with your chambray shirt, make sure to contrast the washes. A light wash top with a dark wash bottom will make you look long and lean while helping you avoid the dreaded cowboy tuxedo. (I.e. Justin and Britney’s epic fashion fail)

Another simple way to wear denim is with a classic denim jacket. Whether it’s oversized or fitted, a jacket can be thrown over almost anything. Pair it with a cute, flowy dress and a pair of boots to edge up a girly spring look. If you want to wear a denim jacket with a pair of jeans, stick to the golden rule of contrasting washes!

As every bad-ass rock & roll biker chick knows, denim is best paired with black. To add some edge to denim-on-denim, pair with a leather motorcycle jacket and some metallic accessories. If you want to spice up your chambray shirt, throw on a leather mini skirt or some sexy leather shorts. Everyone will be asking you if you’re one of the Hell’s Angels or if you hung out with Rihanna in 2012!

Denim has been around longer than most of the people reading this article have been alive. Although it has definitely inspired some major fashion flaws, denim is a timeless wardrobe staple that will serve us effortless trends for years to come.

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