Surveillance Equipment Quietly Installed at the Campus Center

Safety Upgrades Supplement Fall Semester Renovations

By Amanda Celek

Due to security issues in building 1C, Public Safety and Administration are hoping to make the College of Staten Island safer in order to decrease future crimes.

Public Safety is enhancing the security on campus by installing surveillance cameras and speakers in major buildings including the Campus Center, and the WSIA radio station.

This new equipment will be able to record and archive video which can later be reviewed by the Office of Public Safety to investigate any reported crimes on campus. The cameras will be directed at building entrances and exits to ensure the best view for security. Speakers will also be installed in these buildings so announcements can be made for any possible emergencies.

These changes have been implemented following the break-in that occurred over the summer in 1C’s cafeteria. The incident was reported as two student residents entering the cafeteria during after-hours to steal food.

“I think its great that the college finally put cameras in,” said Kristina Gorczynski, a student resident at the Dolphin Cove. “Surveillance cameras to monitor crimes on campus are needed.”

Another incident that motivated these changes was when an unidentified person entered the WSIA office and damaged the radio station’s equipment. This damage included water spilled on the keyboard in the on air studio.

“At first we thought it was just an accident,” said Phil Masciantonio, General Manager of WSIA. “But then a week or two later it happened again.”

The new equipment is intended to catch the blind spots that leave room for vandalism.

“We should have had these monitoring technologies a long time ago, most high schools have them so a college definitely should,” said Pinar Usted, a junior at CSI. “If you are not committing any crimes then you shouldn’t be worried about the extra safety precautions.”


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