Feminist or Female: Award Show Sexism

Celebrity Double Standard at The Emmy’s and MTV Awards

By Victoria Priola

With MTV’s Video Music Awards airing on Sunday August 24, The Emmys were held off till Monday August 25. Both shows racked up millions of views but one woman’s actions seemed to receive some extra attention.

Actress Sofia Vergara was asked by the Television Academy Chief Executive Bruce Rosenblum to stand on a revolving platform as he spoke to the audience. In his monologue, Rosenblum explained how great of a year it was for American television as Vergara‘s beautiful 42 year old-body was proudly showcased for millions. The crowd seemed to enjoy his speech only because of Vergara’s presence on stage.

This segment raised the eyebrows of many, including Journalist Katie Couric. Couric tweeted “I love @SofiaVergara but did anyone find that schtick somewhat offensive?” When asked by reporters, Vergara stated that her performance was simply comical.

“I think it’s absolutely the opposite [of offensive],” said Sofia Vergara. “It means someone can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself and enjoy work and make money. So, I absolutely think it’s ridiculous. And somebody who started this, and I know who she was, has no sense of humor and should lighten up a little bit!”

The actress did not name the woman that she referred to in her commentary.

Although Vergara was seen by viewers as willingly objectifying herself on national television, critics point out that at least she was fully clothed. The actress wore a long white dress that barely revealed any skin. She was named one of the Best Dressed Celeb of the night in fact.

Singer Beyonce’ was not shy to show some skin at the MTV Video Music Awards however. She has an image – similar to Sofia Vergara’s – of being the “perfect” female.

She was praised for her sixteen minute performance closing the awards show. The performance consisted of the singer in a long sleeve one piece outfit covered in jewels and a series of her newest songs. Some would call Beyonce’s performance disrespectful to women because of the way her dancers were dressed.

During her song “Drunk in Love,” her dancers were covered in gold glitter wearing black undergarment sets.  One minute she is spinning around a pole and the next she is standing in front of a screen that says “FEMINIST.”

Some would question how Beyonce can call herself a feminist when she is displaying the very reasons women were degraded for years. Why is Beyonce’ adored for her performance and Sofia Vergara is shamed for hers?

On another side of this argument, has Beyonce ever really censored her work? Incorporating sexual nature into a performance is not something unusual for her. It is very much expected from Beyonce because she does it in a way that is still glamorous.

Regardless of the gossip, both women received awards on the night of their events. Beyonce was awarded the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award while Vergara’s show “Modern Family” won Outstanding Comedy.

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