Livin' La Vida Lucia

Black Friday Battle Strategy

Execute Your Shopping Plan Sun Tzu Style

By Lucia Rossi


Shopping on Black Friday is like entering a dangerous war zone. You definitely need to be prepared, confident, and ready for action.

The “Black Friday” term comes from the phrase “getting in the black” which is what retailers use to mean they’re making a large profit, but we know Black Friday to mean, huge lines, very aggressive people, amazing sales, and empty wallets.

To avoid battle scars, here’s what you do.

First, never jump right in without a plan, this isn’t a suicide mission. Know what you want beforehand. If you go without preparation it could lead to unnecessary impulse buying, exhaustion, frustration, and eventually guilt. Write a list of what you’re looking for, whether it’s gifts or new items for your home. Think of what you need and go for those items first. Stick to your budget like guns.

Plan your attack. There are so many apps and websites that show you Black Friday deals so you know where to go, when to go, and how long the sale will go on for since some only last a few hours. You can even draw yourself a map. If you’re persistent and patient enough, camp out if you like. I commend your honor and dedication soldier.

According to Forbes Magazine, Black Friday is not the best time of year to buy clothes. The best time for that is usually during August, September, and January. So if you want clothes, make sure you get a deal that is 40 percent off or more, so your trip is worth it. If certain brands never have good sales like Prada, Christian Dior or Oakley, then set your scale to 30-35 percent off.

Black Friday is mainly best for electronics and is recorded to have the best prices at this time.

Another important part of planning your attack is transportation. Plan it wisely, remember, the streets and parking lots will be extremely congested. Ask yourself, should I drive? Can I be dropped off and picked up later? Should I take public transportation? Can I carpool with my fellow BF warrior buddies?

Although it may sound like much, have a back-up plan in case the items you want are sold out. This scenario is very likely to happen, especially if what you’re looking for is popular.

Be sure to get good sleep in before you go as well. Being well rested is essential to being ready to plunge through crowds for long periods of time. Keeping up your energy by replenishing your body with food and water is easy to forget about when you are in a shopping rage. The last thing you need is to become tired and irritable in a large crowd. Be well stocked with water and food like fruits and sandwiches to snack on while waiting on line. Avoid the Thanksgiving leftovers and sugary foods so you don’t crash. Take breaks once in a while to avoid stress.

Last part of preparation, your tools. Since this mission will be a long journey, pack light. Some things you should bring are: a watch to keep time of sales, fully charged cell phone to keep in touch with fellow shopping soldiers if they go AWOL, as well as use the internet to look up ads, your own shopping bags that are comfortable to hold for long periods since store bags tend to break, coupons or catalogs, your lists with pen and paper, snacks, a beverage, a means of entertainment for the lines, and most importantly YOUR MONEY. Otherwise, you’re done for.

It is the fall season and most people shop for Black Friday at night, so be sure to dress accordingly in warm uniform.

Okay, it’s time to put on your game face and entire open warfare. It’s a battlefield out there among the consumers, so be careful. People will elbow, push, kick, and yell for the sake of sales and won’t think twice.


Listen to me when I say, bargains aren’t worth bruises. Have your war face on but assert yourself politely. Don’t initiate combat if someone is being rude. Make like Elsa and let it go. After all, you are the better person.

When waiting for extraction, guard your items with your life. If you leave things unattended, they are bound to get taken from you! Be on high alert at all times.

Sticking to the plan alone doesn’t insure success, you need to keep your sanity. In a time of battle, give yourself a reality check if you’re getting stressed. The last thing you need is possible PTSD.


Black Friday is consumerism at its best and at its worst. You don’t even have to be a part of the craziness if you don’t want to. It’s fine to fight your own battles alone in your room in your pajamas on the computer. Black Friday deals are also online and there’s always Cyber Monday.

Good luck troops, and God speed.


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