Dracula Untold Review

A Rage Filled Revenge Film

By Larry Zakharenko

The vampire classic has been revamped by debut director Gary Shore and questionable writers who are still fresh out of school. Although still a better love story than Twilight, Dracula Untold is the kind of movie you wish could be untold. You should see it as a forced movie date or as your second option when deciding what movie to sneak in to.

Transylvania’s original bad boy, played by Luke Evans (who could pass off as a better looking Orlando Bloom) only had to take off his shirt twice in this film, which is pretty good considering vampire movie standards today.

Luke Evan’s ‘laid-on-thick’ medieval acting would have made the movie bearable if it weren’t for his wife’s stereotypical portrayal of a princess bride with locks of blonde hair. She offered nothing to the story except dramatically screaming “no” in tense moments and eventually becoming a predictable plot device for igniting Dracula’s rage fueled revenge.

Spoiler alert, incase you couldn’t figure it out, Dracula’s wife becomes a victim of the war that Dracula starts with the Turks. Predictable writing aside, the movie does its job of keeping you entertained, but if you consider yourself a cinemographic aficionado, you will catch yourself rolling your eyes too often.

Instead, you should catch early on that the Game of Thrones star, Charles Dance, has too much potential than to be cast as a one-off demon that lurks in a cave for two scenes of the entire movie. Someone with his caliber is obviously intended for a recurring role, which is unfortunately the nail that sealed the coffin on this potentially well-done mainstream film.

I had no problem with the movie until the very end, when the writers pigeon holed Dracula’s story into a modern setting. When Charles Dance’s character, via luxurious suit and tie, was comically looking off camera to serve the cheesy line, “let the games begin.” My cringe was harder than the surface of Luke Evan’s abs.

If you don’t have OCD like me, or if you’re not a film buff, or if this is not your must see movie of the year, then you will probably enjoy Dracula Untold for it’s entertainment value, if not for its lackluster writing or plot.

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