Five Nights at Freddie’s Creeps Onto Gamer Scene

The Number One Horror Game This Season

By Jason Wisinewski

Being from Staten Island, I’m sure many of you, as children, have been to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Remember the arcade games, the pizza, the play maze, the packed birthday parties, and the animatronics; they were all fun, weren’t they?

Can you imagine being there, alone, in the dark, trapped in one room while the animatronics are out to kill you? Because that’s exactly what its like to be beheld at Five Nights at Freddie’s.

Five Nights at Freddie’s is an indie horror game released in the late summer of 2014. It takes place in a faux Chuck E. Cheese’s called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. You, the player, work there as a night shift security guard. Your objective is to watch over the building and its animatronics before they can kill you.

You sit in a single office room with control over two parallel doors, their lights, and a tablet that can swap between the cameras, of which you must use to last your entire night shift from 12AM until 6AM.

Simple, right? Not quite. You need to balance your power usage between the camera, the lights, and the doors, to keep Freddy’s animatronic crew from getting into your room. If you lose power before you can reach 6AM, you’re done. It is kind of similar to the weeping angels in Doctor Who.

The game has earned a massive cult following and stunning popularity within the bare month of its release. It blew up over tumblr, reddit, and steam, due to its unique design and mechanics.

FNAF is a strategic horror game. Unlike other horror games where you need to explore locations never seen, or generally places filled with evil, Freddie’s has you stuck in one location. It plays on your paranoia, making you constantly check for foes in addition to having you waste unnecessary power because you’re caught off-guard or can’t see well.

Behind the game play is a scary backstory to the pizza place, if you can’t find it in the game, there was a wiki article created where you can find the information. It definitely adds to the store’s mystery and blends the lines of paranormal and mechanical failure together.

Each animatronic character has a different mechanic, which makes the game interesting. Bonnie teleports from room to room, Chica gradually progresses down the hallway, Foxy comes out if you don’t check your cameras often enough, but not too frequently. Freddy can one-shot end your life if you’re not careful with checking your right door, and right-side camera. The game is by all means, not unfair, but challenging at later levels.

Having played the game myself, and watched tons of Let’s Play videos of it, it still scares me to this day. Seeing one of those characters suddenly move from place to place, without warning, and then blocking your cameras as they do it, is frightening.

The game is available on PC via Steam, or via the App Store for your iPhone, or tablet. I give it five scary animatronic murderers out of five!


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