Bungie’s Destiny Captivating and Underwhelming

An Untimely Destiny Ambiguous in Story and Gameplay

By Ahmed Ahmed

A journey through a post-colonial human space age with ruined planets, destroyed ecosystems, a floating dead Earth, and a massive intergalactic space war: Destiny throws the player right into its immense world.

The long awaited cross-collaboration between Bungie the creators of Masterchief and the Halo franchise, and Activision the gaming conglomerate of the Call of Duty franchise gives birth to the long sought hybrid of both games.

Destiny, a sci-fi first person shooter and a role playing game strikes a very pleasant balance between both the Halo and Call of Duty world. Set 700 years in the future in a post-apocalyptic world, Destiny enables players to choose their own playing style from the onset.

The main-objective of the game is to defend civilization’s last city bastion of hope called the tower.

Players are referred to as the guardians of the galaxy. Destiny enables players to choose from a selection between three types of guardians.

The hunter class; equipped with snipers rifles, thin armor and an acute sense of survival. Hunters offer players who like to snipe enemies from long distance a well-rounded deadly choice.

The Titan class, this run and gun class gives the option of driving straight at the enemy with blistering melees, and close combat warfare. This juggernaut like class equipped with heavy armor will please those who are ill patient to fight from long distances.

The Warlock class, shares an intended visual similarity to Star-Lord from Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy. This character has a combination of magic, and use of modern weaponry.

Within each character type players can choose distinct appearances.

The human appearance is a Halo UNSC military inspired character similar to Master Chief. Exo appearance is a human-alien hybrid who is suffering from an identity crisis, and Awoken is a mysterious exotic race spawned out of the intergalactic war.

Players will find that character customization to be well-rounded and stocked on many levels.

Gameplay wise, the game is absolutely visually stunning. Crisp detailed landscapes, vehicles, weapons, and sounds put Destiny in as easily one of the best looking next gen games to date.

Traveling between planets in our solar system is an adventurous and unique experience. Each planet is designed to replicate its conditions and feel. Many times you’ll want to deviate from the mission just to explore the planet like any good astronaut warrior would.

But where the game delivers on aesthetics, Destiny fails to bring forward a revolutionary exciting game.

The game firstly requires a constant internet connection just to play. This in the past has proven to be a very controversial feature among gamers who don’t have steady internet connection.

All missions can be played by yourself if you choose to, or with other gamers lurking around the online sphere. Some missions it is mandatory to play with others and story progression rests upon completion of those missions.

If you have friends who own Destiny this shouldn’t be a problem. However if you are a solo gamer, being forced to team up with players who do not communicate with one another and like to see you die at every conceivable moment can be a very frustrating experience.

Mission variety is duly lacking. Repetitious enemies; lackluster predictable boss fights, and mission objectives that are the same as the previous will make any gamer bored very quickly.

Online competition injects a good experience. Both Halo, and COD characteristics is evident in the gameplay style and the online modes that come with it.

Leveling up online and in solo play is a long and tedious process which will require hours of gameplay to unlock of all of Destiny’s weapons, vehicles, and armors.

While it might not be the best game, Destiny still had a record breaking launch. With sale profits of over five hundred million dollars just in the opening week, Bungie estimates that sale figures will continue to grow as the holiday season approaches.

Bottom line is this game is enjoyable. It’s not just a hyped up product that was marketed, it actually delivers on some aspects. I would recommend this to other gamers but with soundly caution of what you are actually getting.


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