Gone Girl Transcends From Book to Big Screen

The Film the Nation is Still Raving About

By Briana DelBuono

The plot of “Gone Girl” parallels that of the novel, of the same name, written by Gillian Flynn, promising viewers not many surprises.

The story focuses on Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, who on his fifth anniversary discovers that his wife, Amy, has gone missing. The plot soon unveils that Nick and Amy’s seemingly perfect relationship is actually far from it.

Amy, a personality quiz writer, is intelligent but flawed. Her parents created a book series based on her called “Amazing Amy.” In real-life Amy can never seem to live up to it’s expectations, causing her stress and misery.

When Amy goes missing, it’s made clear in the book and movie that she prepared clues that offer hints as to what happened to her. The clues are similar to those in the novel, except for a segment that doesn’t appear in the movie in which Amy places a clue in Mark Twain’s father’s old courtroom in Hannibal, Missouri, where Nick grew up.

In  one scene, Nick, still a suspect in his wife’s disappearance, goes to a nearby bar and meets Rebecca, a crime reporter. He uses the encounter to let the public know how sorry he is about everything. This helps change the public’s opinion.

This scene was omitted from the movie and replaced with one in which Nick is told by his lawyer to confess his sorrow about his missing wife on a talk show. He says that if she were to come home, he would be the man he always told her he would be.

Amy returns home in the movie the same way she does in the book. She feigns being kidnapped by her old boyfriend Desi Collings, kills him, and drives home covered in his blood claiming he attacked her and that she barely escaped with her life.

One difference between the book and movie is the presence of Amy and Nick’s memoirs, which were cut completely from the movie. Nick started writing one so that he could expose Amy for what she really is and end their relationship for good. Amy writes her memoir entitled “Amazing,” about her life.

Kept the same as the book, Amy’s pregnancy is announced on camera during an interview with the “happy” couple. In the book however, Nick deletes his revealing memoir and decides to stay with Amy because of the pregnancy.

In “Gone Girl,” both the book and movie rigidly follow the same plot. Though there are minor differences between the two, it’s not only a thrilling read but an enthralling film as well.


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