To Be a Thot or Not To Be a Thot, That is the Question

The Sexual Double Standard is Pulling Society Backwards

By Emanuela Balliu

There are women in congress and there are women who have gone into space. There are women currently and throughout history that have achieved greatness by working hard and gaining the respect they deserved.

In this day and age — and I can’t stress this enough — women can be anything they want to be, and more importantly they have, and assuredly will continue to do so.

But as we speak, there are girls who are sending us back into the 1800s, before there was a mainstream feminist movement or suffragist movement, back to a time before, god forbid, women wore pants, because they are allowing people to disrespect them by thoting around without commanding they be respected.

Now there is a moment where both genders are trapped in a vault of disrespect. I work with two coworkers who wronged a friend of mine with a degrading label. And she wronged herself by allowing herself to become nothing but someone for David to denounce so casually with little regard for her worth.

She has not empowered herself. She has taken the role of a woman who is solely there to please men. For them she has but one purpose. The irony is that there is a double standard.

Society is wrong to denounce my friend for doing something that would be praised if she were a boy. It would certainly be anti-feminist had I told her she was wrong then had advised her to stop. This would mean my coworkers aren’t to blame and should have described her using some other less demeaning adjective.

But why was it so easy for them to refer to her as “the girl David’s banging?” Yes, that’s what they called her.

Rewind back a few weeks, back to when I was lounging in the break-room at work. I was trapped among my male coworkers who, as you’ll learn, have big mouths. But you wouldn’t suspect it by looking at them. The both of them were suited up and mirrored distinguished young men.

“Who? The blonde?”

“No, the other one.”

“The redhead?”

“No the other one.”

“Oh, you mean the girl David’s banging.”

Okay, since when is it okay to refer to someone solely by whom they’re “banging?”

So, you can understand my complete disgust when I heard a friend of mine be referred to as nothing but an object for David’s pleasure, to use whenever and however he felt like it.

Despite their appearance, my co-workers lacked class and did not show any respect. That much is obvious. It was shocking because I had never heard them speak of anyone so shamefully.

So, what prompted them to speak about her in such a way?

Since respect is not gained but earned, it appears at first glance that “the girl David’s banging” has not earned their respect. And while she has been “thoting” around, my friend has caused feminists throughout time to seize.

She allowed them to label her whatever they wanted simply because she permitted them to. There is nothing else about her that impressed them.

She is not great at her job. She never contributes science, math, or works of art into a conversation. So, regrettably, she is nothing but the girl David sleeps with occasionally.

The message is clear; we would be more than a body part if we worked hard. All women should be referred to as “the girl who reads about Plato on her break,” “the girl who knows how to make a bomb out of a battery,” or “a Super-mom who goes straight from school to work and then home to her child.”

There is no excuse as to why a girl should limit herself to only being a “thot.”

You give people permission to disrespect you when you “thot” around. That is why you have to be more than a flirt, and more than a girl who is labeled by who she sleeps with.

You have to earn respect and you have to know whom you are dealing with before you deal with them. There is no point in playing the victim afterwards.

“Oh, I didn’t know he was going to tell his friends. Oh, I don’t want to sound like a slut.”

Point blank, you are not a slut if you sleep around, but you will be considered one if that is all you do. Actions, such as these, set women back a thousand years.

Do not give anyone a chance to disrespect you. Know whom you are dealing with and if it’s someone like David, do not deal with them.

The number one rule is to respect yourself enough to realize that you deserve more than a “David.” Empower yourself first. Do not sleep around with every guy that gives you the least bit of attention.

A girl with prestige deserves more than a label as a “thot” or a “slut” or whatever else society composes to shove us back into the 1800s.


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