Why the Supposed “Friend Zone” Doesn’t Actually Exist

Being a Nice Guy Doesn’t Mean You’re Entitled to a Damn Thing

By Rob Larosa

Time and time again I hear, mainly guys, complain about how girls place them in the “friend zone.”

A majority of their excuses are along the lines of “I was too nice to her,” when in reality you were doing what you should have been doing: being nice to someone.

Those guys should stop complaining about this “issue” for one reason and one reason only: Just because you are nice to a girl doesn’t mean she is obligated to have sex with you or commit to you in any way, shape, or form.

From personal experience I would have to say I’ve been led on to believe there was something between me and the girl I was seeing.

That is completely different than saying “she friend zoned me for being nice.” That’s because being nice to someone should be something you are already doing.

In my experience, we were already friends and things became more serious as time went on.

From being workout buddies, to having sex, and building an overall strong bond with each other, life seemed great. She had even gone on to tell me that she loved me.

That’s right, she dropped the “L” word first and I thought everything was going to be great.

And everything was going great until she said she didn’t want to get serious and made up every excuse possible to why things wouldn’t work between us.

Eventually, I found out she was still talking to an ex-boyfriend and then I completely cut her out of my life.

The point of this story is that I was led on to believe that a serious relationship could have been formed between both of us only to be betrayed in the end.

There was already a foundation of friendship from the beginning, not a guy pretending to be nice so he could try to score.

I personally don’t believe there is a friend zone, but I know from experience one can be led on to believe there is something special between two people.

So guys who think they are in this position should take a step back and think that maybe this girl doesn’t like you enough to form a relationship with you or even have sex with you, and then realize that that’s okay.

We shouldn’t make up a friend zone so we can use it as an excuse for why certain people don’t want to be in serious relationships with us.

The idea that girls should “owe you some sort of physical affection” just because you were nice to them is absolutely absurd and shouldn’t even be in this discussion to begin with.

People need to just accept the truth in situations and not make up an excuse against someone because they ultimately didn’t get what they wanted.

It’s time for a change in the way we as a culture think when it comes to relationships because friendzoning just isn’t an actual place people get put in.



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