Michael Buble Shouldn’t Be All You Want For Christmas

Lackluster and Clunky, Star Studded Performance Fails to Live Up to The Hype

By Victoria Priola

Michael Buble showcased his holiday spirit at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan on October 27 in front of over two hundred fans for the filming of his fourth annual NBC Christmas Special. He was joined by Ariana Grande and the New York City Rockettes.

Radio City decorated the stage with fake snow, reindeer, snowmen and a backdrop of the famous tree in Rockefeller Center located only a few blocks down from the theater.

The audience received clapping lessons from Tom Kelly, a comedian hired to keep the crowd entertained during the filming.

With a firm warning from the staff of Radio City on the ban of cellphone and camera use, the filming began. First up to perform was Ariana Grande. She seemed to be very uninterested in communicating with the crowd after her two takes of the song “Last Christmas” and her duet with Buble “Santa Clause is coming to Town,” in which she described Santa as creepy.

During Grande’s performance tapes, Buble made a few appearances and was animated with the crowd by making jokes about how the audience didn’t know how to react to Grande’s actions on stage. He compared the audiences’ serious facial expressions to an audience he performed for in Germany.

What do Grande and Buble both have in common? They can’t read off of a prompter. It took them five takes each to say “We’re so excited to be in New York City’s Rockefeller Center this Christmas.”

Barbra Streisand was said to make her way down to NYC and perform at Radio City for the Special. The staff kept telling the audience that a “special guest” was joining them tonight. Turns out, that special guest is going to have footage from her tour played the night the show airs instead of actually being with Buble.

Performing his hits “All I want for Christmas,” “Blue Christmas,” and “Here comes Santa Clause,” Buble kept a smile on the whole time. He re-did takes of “All I want for Christmas” six or seven times because it was his first time performing that song live. He wanted to perfect every note.

Him and his band performed “Feliz Navidad” and “White Christmas”. The band proved that Buble is better live than on his album.

Buble did everything he could to make sure the crowd stayed lively. He did a cover of the chart topper “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor during the break between takes.

At one point, Buble sat in the audience to film a clip of after the Rockettes come on stage where Buble joked about how inebriated he was, saying “I don’t even like Christmas, I’m here for the money” with a smile.

His son Noah made an appearance as well as Buble’s wife and other members of his family. When the Rockettes came on stage, he jokingly remarked to “get his wife out of here before he gets in trouble.”

When his family joined him for a group waving shot, he asked the children of the group to “pretend to love Uncle Mikey.”


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