Marvel Comics to Produce Another Interdimensional War

Series Kicks off in May With Reboots Featuring Secret Wars Storyline

By Nicholas Tronolone

In May, Marvel announced at New York Comic Con 2014 in their panel that the next event will be the Secret Wars. Not many details were given at the time but it grabbed the attention of many fans simply because of the title.

Marvel Comics has been in the comic industry for nearly 80 years. Within that time period, some of the most iconic characters in comics have emerged and stayed with us throughout the industry’s long history, such as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-man, Ms. Marvel, Jean Gray, and Storm.

All of those characters and more were featured in the 1980s Marvel event called the Secret Wars. It took place on a distant galaxy where heroes and villains fought on Battleworld. It started when a cosmic being known as the Beyonder took them there because of an interest in heroes and what they can do.

Thus the Secret Wars started and one of Marvel’s most remembered and loved event comics. Many fans thought, at first if it was going to be a Secret Wars 3 because a squeal was made a few years after the first event.

This is not the case as they are taking the first Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe and having them clash and fight and it will be the end. Or will it?

Some fans are confused because it is a reboot but are they taking some characters and carrying them over to the new Universe after the war is over or are they just starting over? Are they going to be doing this with any of their other universes? Some fans think that this is a way out.

“It sounds like Marvel is running out of ideas. It is crazy and all over the place” says Dimitri Duncan who attends New York City College of Technology and is a comic reader.

While others say it is needed and long overdue because after 80 years of publishing comics things may have gotten a little lost, so a fresh start is a good reason that some are on the fence.

“It’s good and bad. A fresh start is needed.” Dominick Abbriano, a CUNY student and EMT trainee stated. “From the late 1930s to now there is a big gap in time. I love the idea of a reboot, it’s just the way they are doing it is a bad idea.

For the last eight years or so, most of the writing has been forced and not organic. That is where the comic starts, on paper. What they should do is retire some characters and start with new characters like some of the heroes’ children.

Something like that and for starters they should ask the fans what they want to see and what they think was good and bad so they know what to avoid.

On online forums and fan sites there are fans who, in general, love the idea while others are worried if their favorite character will be remade into the reboot. And this is not unreasonable to worry because that is also a problem on a business end as well.

If a character is killed off and never returns, on the off chance she does not return in the comics, why would said fan continue to buy when their favorite character is no longer being printed? The publisher needs to find ways to rope them back in and sometimes that is not the easiest thing to do.

Considering the fact that Marvel has been losing fans in small but ever growing numbers, this really needs to work. One of the biggest let downs was the Spider-man: One More Day story which lead to the Spider-Man: Brand New Day story arc.

Fans were so very displeased when Peter Parker and his wife Mary Jane sold their marriage to the devil so Peter’s aunt could live, a total memory wipe of the world that no one knows who Spider-Man is or that Peter’s marriage even took place. Some fans find the way they are going about the reboot is insulting.

“I feel like this needs to be done. The Editor in Chief of Marvel keeps talking about ‘Change in the Marvel universe’. I am tired of hearing it,” Michael Abbriano, a CUNY student stated.

“When one universe is doing well the other suffer for it,” he continued. “The fact that they are calling it Secret Wars is insulting. The first Secret Wars is a masterpiece of comics. It showed what an event comic should be and what it should do. Grab the reader.”

Keep what worked like some classic story lines like Peter being bitten by the spider and create new stories without so many damn writers on one character.


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