Enjoy this Valentines Day on a Budget

Intimate Ideas Under $30 That Won’t Break Your Bank

By Briana DelBuono

With today’s economy and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it stands to reason that many people will be staying in to avoid crowded restaurants and other pricey excursions. Do not fear–I have compiled a list of wallet-friendly activities that you and your significant other or some friends can do on this wallet-emptying holiday.

If you are willing to keep an open mind, and are not opposed to creepy crawlers, you and a loved one can spend a measly $10 at The Bronx Zoo and give one of their 58,000 Madagascar Hissing Roaches a name! If you are willing to stretch your budget, you can even get a chocolate roach for $25.

If six-legged creatures aren’t your thing and you are running low on cash, don’t worry, most of us are, you can head over to the almost two mile long Highline by fourteenth street in Manhattan and stargaze at night. How romantic! Just dress warmly and bring hot cocoa, of course.

Pick up a camera from your nearby convenience store for a Valentine’s Day date that will only cost you $20. You and your lover or friends can get together and walk around the city with a disposable camera and shoot some cool pictures of yourselves and your surroundings. Don’t forget to turn it around and get that Valentine’s Day selfie!

For a more intimate and cozy date, snuggle up at your nearby Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and grab coffee. This date will cost you about $15 at most. What better way to connect one-on-one with someone than over a steaming hot caramel macchiato?

If all else fails, have a wine tasting at your own home! Invite a few friends over and tell them to each bring a different type of wine and taste them all. Pair the beverages with different types of cheeses and this night won’t cost you more than $30.

The Brooklyn Brewery has free tours that only cost $10 on weekdays. Grab a couple friends and carpool into Brooklyn for this fun filled activity. Plus, there’s beer involved! What’s not to love?

This might be something for the free spirited couples but take your boyfriend or girlfriend to The Museum of Sex in Manhattan on fifth Ave. With a $20 admission fee, you can take part in many erotic exhibitions or just sit at their lounge and bar and get a nice buzz.

Get your freak on with their alcoholic aphrodisiac treatments or their sensual bath and body kit. This trip is pretty much guaranteed to ensure a romantic evening for you and your significant other.

Instead of paying $60 or more on a couple’s massage, try creating your own massage atmosphere. Oil up your lover and take turns giving the massage of a lifetime. This is a completely free date, barring the fact that you have massage oils already in your home.

If not, they will only set you back anywhere between $7 to $15. Not bad for a relaxing evening at home while your significant other gets the knots out of your back!

Who says you can’t have a picnic in February? This Valentine’s Day, lay out a blanket on your living room floor and pack a cute lunch and have a little picnic with some friends. This V-Day option is free if you already have the cold cuts for the sandwiches. Mmm!

Head out to the movies this Valentine’s Day to see Fifty Shades of Grey! Nothing says hot date than watching two people fall passionately in love with each other and tie one another up. This excursion will cost under $15.If you’re by yourself on this holiday, don’t worry! Order some takeout and rent a movie, or do some online shopping. Don’t forget to pig out on Valentine’s Day chocolate. Who says you can’t treat yourself?

Another thing you can do by your lonesome is draw a nice bath and throw a both bomb in and enjoy the relaxing colors and view. Bath bombs average about $5 each. Open up a good book in there and you’re bound to get your mind off being single.

Valentine’s Day comes around only once a year but it sure can muster up some interesting questions about your love life and empty out your wallet quite a bit. If you just don’t have the funds this year, take advantage of these money saving date ideas.

And don’t worry if you are alone this year, being single has its advantages. Do not forget, that’s less chocolate you have to share.

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