Why Now is a Great Time to Fill Your Tanks

New York Fuel Drops, Leaving Drivers with High Hopes

By Victoria Priola

A roughly fifteen minute commute to CSI can turn into a forty-five minute hike on its worst days.

After finally getting off the campus on an icy cold day, I stopped by Costco to get gas. When I looked at my receipt after filling up, my jaw nearly hit the floor. I couldn’t believe my bill had been nearly cut in half since the last time I went to the pump.

If you live in Staten Island you’re not a driver, now is the best time to become one. According to NewYorkGasPrices.com, the cost of gas in New York City is currently in between $1.94 and $2.13 per gallon. Gas prices have not been this low since November 2008, when the cost was comfortably $1.84 per gallon and we were in a heck of a recession.

To what do drivers owe the pleasure of this significant drop? Bankrate.com explains that the reasoning may be the descending value of oil and the rise in hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking in the Gulf of Mexico.

Some are less than pleased with the way this “drivers discount” has come to be. Dangersoffracking.com states that seventy two trillion gallons of water and three hundred and sixty billion chemicals resign in the five hundred thousand cumulative gas wells in the U.S. This also leads to chemical contamination of our drinking water.

Fracking sucks. But the gas price reduction is a perk to those who depend on this fuel for a paycheck.

Americanprogress.org says “[Oil and gas industries] five largest companies—BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Shell—have earned more than $1 trillion in profits over the past decade.”

Saved money is the best money.

Lower prices means more people with families driving around and spending their money. The more money they spend, the better the economy gets.  This checks and balance cycle seems to be successful for the moment but surely as Americans know, this may be temporary.

For the moment, let’s enjoy it while we can. According to a Bankrate.com, each American driver will save about $452 on gasoline in 2015.

Vox.com relates the dropping gas prices to the more fuel efficient cars parked in the driveways of millions. Cars that use increasing amounts of gas have become unmanageable when gas costs were on the rise. If Americans stay with cars that demand less fuel, prices will stay low.

“Driving on campus now with the reduced gas rates has enabled me to be more flexible with my driving. I can get a lot more driving to and from campus and when I do need gas it only comes out to about $30 to fill me up. It’s made my life a lot easier” said Valerie Tobias, student at CSI and driver of a 2012 KIA Sportage.

My 2010 Chevy Malibu has always been fairly decent on gas mileage. When my gauge is on a quarter of a tank, it currently takes approximately $25 to fill up. With the CSI parking pass at $99 a year, it’s nice to get a short break from major expenses.

The most common car driven by college students, according to Boston.com, is the Honda Civic. Anything from Honda or Toyota is reasonable with commuting back and forth to school and not spending a whole paycheck on fuel.

Syracuse.com says that Idaho has the lowest costing gas around in 2015, which was $1.89 per gallon. New York may not be up to par but it’s better than the $3.93 we paid back in June 2014.

On the Island, it is so difficult to get anywhere without a car. The lowering price of gas may raise a few questions to people who travel via public transportation. Will MTA bus fares be reduced since their fuel is cheaper?

Currently a bus trip costs New Yorkers $2.50. The New York Times reported in January that the MTA will increase their cost by a quarter, making yet another inconvenience in the lives of an everyday commuter.

According to the LA Times, their gas drop of 40 percent decrease has not affected the Los Angeles County bus fare. No word yet from New York MTA.

Drivers have had a great start to 2015. The lowered gas costs has allowed a lot more traveling to be done when it needs to be, and a lot less stress when bills start piling in.

These prices make the long waits for parking spots on campus not too bad. Ha, just kidding.

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