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Spring Cleaning: Declutter and De-Stress

By Lucia Rossi

Cleaning doesn’t have to feel like a chore, it can actually be very therapeutic. Deep spring cleaning especially may be something people dread doing, but turn that time into YOU time and maybe you will feel some healing.

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Start taking control of your life by taking control of your drawers, closet, desk, beauty space, and computer. Purge your room and work space of dust and dirt while releasing your pent-up emotions. As you dispose or donate things, feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders. Relish in the simplicity of your clean space that makes you feel like you can now do anything. Then, step back and look at what you’ve done, remember what you own, and feel grateful that you do. Bask in the glory of your hard work. Do this and see how much better you feel compared to before.


Don’t know where to start? That’s okay. There are so many spring cleaning checklists online that you can print for yourself to help you get started. However, those are more for people who are spring cleaning their entire houses. If you have that responsibility, I’m sorry and good luck to you. Do one room at a time and take your time. However for this article, I’m just going to stick to the basics of the bedroom.

Clean the way you feel will make you the most energetic and content, meaning have something going on in the background o keep you in a good mood. Light up some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, and play your favorite music. You could also have Netflix or your favorite TV show running, or have a friend over to talk to and to encourage you. Cleaning doesn’t have to be done in silence unless that is what calms you.


Before you begin, analyze your area. Survey your space and write down what problem areas you need to take good care of, like your shoes piling up or an overflow of magazines and papers. Take a minute to ask yourself why is that space so messy or cluttered and what can you do to make it better. Really think about what you need, don’t need, and what you want to replace. Finding solutions for decluttering may seem difficult but the answers are everywhere. From using shoe boxes and mason jars from around your house to buying organizers for your doors and drawers. Try to get the most of what you have and make it work for you.

Dusting is a big part of spring cleaning and you need to dust everything. Look at your ceiling, are there cobwebs? Check your air vents, are they clotted with dust? When was the last time you checked the blades of your ceiling fan? How about your windows, light fixtures, framed pictures, and mirrors? You get my point. Use glass cleaner on windows and mirrors, use wood cleaners on wood furniture like dressers and nightstands, and use baby wipes on everything else. You can never go wrong with baby wipes, they’re so versatile and gentle.


Your floor needs some cleaning too. That means dusting and moping hard floors and vacuuming carpets. Be watchful if you need to spot treat really dirty corners or areas filled with dust or old stains. Get shakin’ with that Swiffer.

Check out your desk space. Do you have a lot of unnecessary papers? Recycle them! Take those old tests, notes, magazines, bills, and scraps, and throw them with the recycling. If you have old textbooks, consider selling them online or donating them. Clean out your computer as well, get rid of old files and programs. Reorganize your documents, files, and emails and back them up on a hard-drive, flash drive, or online.


Time to go to bed! Beneath your bed that is. Cleaning beneath your bed may be scary territory but it must be done. Who knows what you have under there. It’s time to show some courage and brave this mysterious land. Condense your belongings as best you can, throw out what you no longer use or need and never look back until next spring. Hopefully you will before then anyway.

Washing your bedding is very important because your sheets, pillows, and cases harbor dust, drool, stains, sweat, bacteria, and other bodily fluids I probably shouldn’t mention. Take this time to wash your comforter, sheets, mattress cover, pillows, and cases. You should switch your pillow cases often because a dirty pillow case can cause acne breakouts on your face.


You should tackle your closet and dresser drawers either first or last. If you start decluttering while in the middle of doing something else, you’ll never get done. Focus on one thing at a time and don’t start another task until you’re done with the one you’re already doing.

This method is probably familiar to you, make separate piles of clothes using garbage bags, boxes or containers. Label or memorize the purpose of each pile, one for trash, one for donation, one for seasonal storage, one for maybe or unsure, and one for put away. The clothing items you put in the trash should be damaged, broken, and not worth repair. Clothing items put into storage should be clothes that don’t fit the season that you don’t need, but cant part with. Clothing items for donation should be in pristine condition that you aren’t interested in or can’t wear anymore. If you’re going to donate the clothes at an organization get a receipt so you can get a tax reduction or try selling them to places like The Salvation Army or thrift shop. The “maybe” pile of clothes are the ones you just aren’t sure what to do with and you need to try them on to figure it out. Lastly, the put away pile are the clothes are the one you wear on a regular basis.


Now that your room is sparkling, think of new ways to brighten up the space, make it more new, or make it more efficient and accessible. Try moving furniture around, buy some flowers, hang up new pictures, etc. Have fun with this and be creative. Have a space that you’re happy to walk into.

The hardest part is maintaining the cleanliness. You do this by periodically taking care of small tasks like, putting garbage in the trash, folding and re-hanging clean clothes, putting dirty clothes in the hamper, making your bed, straightening up surface spaces, and quickly sweeping.


Your room is your sanctuary, so it should feel like it. The carefree release you feel during summer vacation is the same release your room needs during the spring. You’re not only helping your space, you’re helping yourself. Happy cleaning!


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