CSI’s Baseball Team Enters 2015 Season with High Hopes

Head Coach Mike Mauro’s Winning Strategy

By Nick Ceraso

Mike Mauro, now entering his seventh season as the head coach of the CSI baseball team, has accomplished plenty.

Being a former AA Minor League player from 1990 to 1991, he posseses a high level of expertise. And since taking over, he has led the team to three championships and several awards for CSI in the CUNY Athletic Conference.

“I try not to pinpoint indiviual guys,” said Mauro.

“At the end of the game, if you are able to look in the mirror and say ‘How did I help the team?’ whether by being on the field, getting a hit, or just being a cheerleader, then you have done your job.”

Among his many achievements, Mauro has won the “Coach of the Year” award five times in his six years as coach–more than any other coach since 1996.

Mauro maintains a positive and fair coaching style, but winning is first on his mind, which is why he puts a lot of energy on his senior players.

“I rely on seniors as far as leadership,” Mauro expressed.

“As far as putting my nine best, it doesn’t matter what year your are. If you are the best at your position, you will be out there.”

Bobby Drake is a sophomore and centerfielder on the team who recognized Mauro’s style. This will be his first year on the team.

“Coach is very positive,” Drake said. “He wants to win, that’s his main goal.”

Winning is truly Mauro’s goal and the CSI Baseball team embraced his strategy, evidenced through their winning record.

In his six seasons as coach, he has 143 wins and 96 losses, which gives him a very impressive .598 winning percentage.

Under Mauro, the team finished the season with over 30 wins in 2010 and 2013, with the former year being the first time in CSI baseball history that a team recorded 30 wins in a season.

And in four out of the last five seasons, the team has finished in fist place in the regular season of the CUNY Athletic Conference.

On opening day, March 7, the Dolphins swept Grove City College in a doubleheader.

Brian Russel started the first game, filling the spot of the 2014 Pitcher of the Year Chris Falcone, who is no longer on the team.

Hard work goes into creating a winning team. Mauro researches and studies each player before placing and positioning him on the team.

The coach and his assistants skillfully recruit players to match the team’s philosophy, establishing position players to meet their greatest potential.

That, according to Mauro, is his most difficult and important job, which, thus far, has proven to be quite successful, given his track record.

His primary goal is to continue his success through constant winning.

“[Recruiting] players into the program that play the game the right way,” expressed Mauro, “it’s a lot of work.”


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