Where is the Pumpkin Turned Carriage When You Need One?

Banner Writer Gets a Royal Makeover

By Emily Zoda

MAC created a line of limited edition cosmetics in anticipation for the live action adaptation of “Cinderella.”

The makeup line launched online February 26 and was on store shelves March 6.

The day it arrived at the Macy’s MAC counter in the Staten Island Mall, it sold out that same day, according to an associate from the store.

The glittery, blue-cased MAC line consists of a neutral palette of pinks, taupes, some purples, and whites, of course matching the famous Cinderella dress.

Cinderella is one of my top favorite Disney princesses. When I took a first looked at my Stroke of Midnight eye palette, I got really excited.

Opening the palette, I examined the colors carefully to see what I could do with them. I consulted my friend, who is a makeup connoisseur, and asked what I should make of these colors in the best possible way.

She sent me a few photos that illustrated how I could produce a smokey-eye effect with the available colors.

After applying the first light shade of beige, I was confused because there was no difference in color between my skin and the eye shadow.

We exchanged a few messages but after sending her a photo of what I’d done, she was dissatisfied.

Afterwards, she offered to do my makeup for me to get the full effect of feeling like a princess.

Later that night, I practically crawled my way to her house in desperate need of her help.

She felt the powdery texture of the makeup and sat me down at her dining room table, plopping her cannister of brushes and bag filled with lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner to the point at which I thought it would spill over, in front of me.

First, she told me I needed a primer. A primer for your face or eyes just makes the powder you’re applying come out vibrantly and last all day long.

Next, she highlighted my brow bones with the two lightest shades.

Since the palette offered an opaque one and a shimmery one, it came out to a much nicer blend from when I had only used the opaque.

Then, she blended three colors to cover my eyelids in a purple and beige mirage. Using the darkest glittery purple, she created a crease for a smokey eye effect.

To finish it off, she used the lighter shade underneath my bottom eyelash line for a little highlight as well.

She topped off my eyelids with a quick, effortlessly done wing and a few strokes of mascara, and just like that, I was completely transformed.

When searching for the makeup online, individuals used the same product themselves and the end result didn’t impress me.

I was worried about receiving this makeup and thinking I had just bought another day-to-day palette with the Disney brand stamped on it, but with the help of my friendly makeup artist, I was introduced to a new world of possibility.



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