Insurgent Novel Differs from the Major Motion Picture in a Major Way

Movie Differs from Book,Changes Range from Good to Questionable

By Briana DelBuono

Itching to see “Insurgent?” Though the film is a definite must-see and does display the major themes of the novel, there are quite a few differences between the movie and the book.

The two-hour movie starts with Tris Prior and her new beau, Four, hiding out in Amity territory away from Jeanine, whom they had just escaped from in the series’ last installment, “Divergent.”

The movie then immediately brings the viewer up to speed in terms of the importance of the box in which only a Divergent can open.

No one is sure what is in the box but Jeanine is certain that it will offer advice about what to do with the Divergents and how to restore the factions back to how they once were.

A good forty minutes of the movie is devoted to Jeanine and her obsession with finally uncovering the message that is trapped inside.

Certain characters aren’t as prevalent in the movie as they are the book. Uriah makes a small appearance towards the end, but does not have as big a role within the movie as he does in the book.

His older brother, Zeke, doesn’t show up at all in the movie.

Marcus, Four’s father, has a small role in “Insurgent” but only in the beginning half of the movie. He is completely left out of the second half.

There is no real reason for this, but as a viewer, the character arrangement fits well with the structure of the movie.

One of the biggest changes from the book to the movie is the ending. One of the movie’s main characters is killed off but the person who does the killing is not the same as the one who does the killing in the book.

The ending of the movie takes another turn when the last scene allows the viewer to believe that everyone is moving towards the gates at the edge of the city to figure out what happened to the rest of humanity.

This, however, is not at all how it happens in the book.

The last chapter of the book depicts a pretty different idea of what happens after a certain character is killed off and the wall opens.

The people of the city are not only hesitant to leave their homes once the gates are open; they are basically restrained from doing so.

Evelyn, Four’s mother, has the city on lock and the characters have to scheme up a way to leave the city without her knowing. This is not what is portrayed in the movie at all, but the ending of “Insurgent” seems to fit better with the rest of how the movie was set up.

The dynamic between the movie series main characters, Tris and Four remain the same throughout both “Divergent” and “Insurgent” movies.

This is comforting to the viewer while other things may have been slightly altered when the book made its way onto the big screen.

The series’ next movie, “Allegiant” is said to come out next March. It is safe to say, I will be the first one on line to see that and I expect it will not disappoint.

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