More Monsters, Another Continent

Sequel to “Monsters, Dark Continent” Weaker than First

By Matthew McKenna

The sequel to Gareth Edwards’ “Monsters,” called “Monsters Dark Continent,” hits theaters but only for a brief period of time. Directed by Tom Green, who also made “Misfits” and “Kids,” tries to recreate Edwards’ monster movie but doesn’t really achieve it.

The movie focuses on how good friends who consider themselves family take care of one another during bad times.

Set 10 years after the first movie, areas in the Middle East have been labeled as the “Infected Zones,” where monsters roam alone or in herds.

The American Army starts to draft more civilians to deal with the threat.

The main characters are drafted and are a bunch of misfits who have no idea what they’re getting themselves into.

These drafted soldiers make up the team Tiger Shark and are played by Sam Keeley, who is Michael Parkes, “Game of Thrones’” Joe Dempsie as Frankie Maguire, Kyle Soller as Karl Inkelaar, and Parker Sawyers as Shaun Williams.

These soldiers are tasked to rescue a platoon that went missing in one of the Infected Zones. Believed that it was the insurrectionists who kidnapped them, the soldiers have to deal with more than just the towering monsters that roam the area.

As time goes on, things get a lot more difficult and the horrors of war begin to affect the soldiers.

One example that shows the story’s focus is when the soldiers get attacked by insurrectionists and one of them gets gravely injured.

The movie lacked the ability to live up to the first. The only thing that makes it a sequel are the monsters.

It was supposed to be a science fiction thriller but is more of a war film that features monsters.

The most disappointing thing about the movie is that very little of the monsters are shown and it’s focused on the characters.

The acting actually wasn’t bad. The actors made it believable that they were close friends to the point of being a family and show the toll that war has on the minds of soldiers.

In interviews by Red Carpet News TV, the cast describes how they enjoyed making this film and gave it their all.

Joe Dempsie also mentions how fans are curious about his current role as Gendry in “Game of Thrones” and if he will ever return. He chose not to spoil anything.

Tom Green mentioned the help he got from Gareth Edwards to make the movie.

The special effects in the movie are good. You feel how big the monsters are compared to the humans and some look like animals.

The design of the large ones are unique in their own way.

“Monsters Dark Continent” is worth the watch if you’re interested, but you can see it online if you don’t want to spend the cash to see it in theatres.


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