Avengers Sequel’s Got “No Strings Attached”

Hit Superhero Squad Assemble Again

By Matthew McKenna

“Avengers Age of Ultron” is Marvel’s  first Superhero movie of the year and it is a pure action-packed summer blockbuster.

Marvel brings back its team of heroes, The Avengers, along with a few new members to join in on the fight.

After several wins against the organization Hydra, the team decides to unwind, relax, and party.

Then they are stopped by Ultron, voiced by James Spader, who is an artificial intelligence system created by Tony Stark in an attempt to create a different kind of hero.

When Ultron escapes, he recruits Quicksilver, played by “Kick Ass” star Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his twin sister the Scarlet Witch, played Elizabeth Olsen to help destroy The Avengers and recreate the world.  From there, things are thrown into chaos and the team falls apart.

The theme of this movie revolves around trust. Trust can easily be earned or broken depending on the circumstances.

This really shows when each hero comes into conflict with one another due to the actions of Stark and Scarlet Witch’s mind powers.

The movie itself was really enjoyable. It has as much action as the first, if not more, and the comedic elements return too.

Audience members will be at the edge of their seats during each action scene and laughing at all the jokes.

As for the new members, they also do a great job and their roles stand out. Ultron is almost like his creator Tony Stark but also the opposite.

His dark sense of humor and personality is really brought to life by Spader. The only downside to him is his constant referral to the song from Disney’s “Pinocchio,” “There Are No Strings on Me.”

Taylor-Johnson does a great job as Quicksilver who makes use of his powers as a hero and comedian. His scenes stand out even when he isn’t using his powers.

Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is also portrayed with great heart. Though she doesn’t do much in the film, she gives it her all.

Other heroes from other Marvel movies like War Machine and Falcon make appearances, which interesting to see.

The hero Vision, played by Paul Bettany who voiced Jarvis in previous Marvel movies, also makes an appearance, but it isn’t until later.

What this film also does a great job of is connecting all the other Marvel movies together so we can begin to see the development for future installments of the franchise.

Audience members should stay to see the scene after the credits which happens in every other Marvel movie.

Perhaps one of the best action scenes is the battle against Hulk and Iron Man’s Hulk Buster Armor which causes a lot of mayhem in the city.

Along with everything else that makes this movie stand out, the special effects are great and realistic. Action scenes are crisp and the same goes for Ultron’s design.

The only thing this film or didn’t need was the developing love relationship between The Hulk and Black Widow.

It was just out of the blue and didn’t make any sense.

This movie is definitely worth the price of the admissions ticket and definitely worth seeing a second time.


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