Memorial Day Weekend Hot Spots

Where to Kick off Summer 2015

By Loren Trapanese

Finals are finally over, classes are officially over, and you’re nothing but anxious to get the summer started.

Memorial Day Weekend (MDW) is the biggest party weekend that’ll kick off Summer 2015. CSI students know where to find the hottest party spots with the most bang for your buck.

But if you don’t yet have plans or don’t know exactly where to spend your MDW, that’s about to change.

“Down the shore is where everyone will be MDW.” Said CSI Student Marlena Barnett.

“It’s basically the opening weekend of every hot spot in Jersey, and you don’t want to miss out.”

Heading down to the Jersey Shore is a trend during the summer that a lot of young adults do. It’s affordable and not too far away: How can you go wrong?

Popular hot spots such as: D’jais, Jenks, Tiki Bar, and The Headliner will be kicking off MDW as they usually do every year with an influx of newly legal party goers, as well as Jersey Shore originals who never skip out on “Sunday-Fundays.”

The famous, Sunday-Fundays and Themed Thursdays at D’jais in Belmar, New Jersey is where you’ll find your happy hour at every hour.

Belmar Martians at seven dollars a drink will have you without a doubt, on the stage, “shaking that ass.”

“You Gotta be Smilin’ and Shakin’ That ss,” is a famous song down the shore for many who’ve stepped foot into D’jais.

Girls sprint to the stage every hour for a chance to be pulled up onto the stage to shake their butt for a D’jais T-shirt.

“I own at least fourteen pieces of clothing from D’jais.” said Christina Mancini.

“From T-shirts to hats, I can’t get enough. I seriously cannot wait for Sunday-Fundays and Themed Thursdays to be back.”

You can’t forget the best part about being at D’jais. When two a.m. rolls around for closing, you walk three feet out the door and order yourself some fried mac’ n cheese bites to aid your in drunk munchies. Perfection.

Another popular hot spot is Jenkinson’s in Point Pleasant, New Jersey—or more commonly known as, Jenks.

Jenks is the Saturday night spot down the shore. A little pricier to get in than D’jais ($5-$10), the cover charge is $15 for girls and $20 for guys.

It is also a tad dressier than D’jais. It’s is basically a shorts and crop top place—with of course, the crappiest shoes you own.

Jenks is more, dressy-casual. Girls, you get away wearing a wedge to Jenks, definitely not heels.

Tiki Mondays at the Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant, New Jersey is probably where you want to find yourself every Monday. You’ve got a Dj bumping the hottest summer songs to what actually looks like a scene out of a spring break movie.

The Tiki section of the beach is covered in partygoers—from girls in itsy bikinis to men rocking their six packs.

Sipping on Tiki Bar’s famous, “Tiki Teas” which come in three flavors “Original,” “Raspberry,” and “Peach,” you’ll find yourself in summer solitude.

Some partygoers even do Sunday-Fundays at D’jais and drink their hungover selves back to drunkness at Tiki Monday the next day. Sounds like a good plan, no?

“Memorial Day Weekend is the time when you know that it’s finally summer.” Said Vin Illuzzi,

“You want to make sure you celebrate the start of your summer the right way, it kind of sets precedence for what the rest of it will be like.”


Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated a woman’s last name. Her name is Christina Mancini, not Marcano.


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