The College Couple’s Guide to a Successful Summer

Groupon’s Endless Summer Offer Prevents Breaking the Bank

By Justine Carucci

The thought of summer is what keeps a college student’s head high during finals week in May and Groupon knows what’s important: Savings without sacrifice.

Being in a relationship while you’re in college can be financially draining without the proper precautions. Staying local during the summer doesn’t guarantee that you won’t spend a ton of money.

A date to see the new Avengers movie this spring starts at $28, just for the tickets, and that’s not even the 3-D version and showering your date in snacks and a beverage will drive the cost to an unnecessary amount.

But have no fear, Groupon is here!

Summer pick number one: Two movie tickets at Kent Theatre in Brooklyn for $10.

This coupon boosts its classic theater with current releases and the option to upgrade to 3-D tickets for an extra $2 per ticket. The $18 savings will help make your trip to the snack bar guilt-free, even if you’re sticking to a summer diet.

Summer pick number two: New York Yankees vs. Kansas City Royals, May 26.

Bleacher tickets are up for grabs via Groupon for $22 each, a 54 percent savings from their original price.

Whether you’re a diehard fan or just looking for some relaxing daytime activity, this coupon brings this normally overpriced event down to the college spending level. The site sells tickets at a discounted price, seven games at a time.

“I feel Groupon is a great way to find places to chill. My girlfriend and I have used it in the past to get cheap Mets tickets,” said Jose Rivera, CSI sports broadcaster.

“We found tickets for as low as nine bucks. Groupon can really be a life saver for your wallet.”

Summer pick number 3: A 90-Minute Italian Cooking Class with Drinks, Dining, and Apron for One or Two at Vai Restaurant.

For $149, originally priced at $300, you and your date can enjoy a unique night out. This Groupon is a triple threat, combining hands on experience with dinner, drinks, and a souvenir.

Learn to make a three-course meal that you’ll enjoy following the lesson, with a glass of Prosecco or mimosa and a personalized apron to take home.

“My girlfriend and I are always looking for something out of the ordinary on Groupon. It gives us the chance to be creative with our nights off without costing me a week’s salary,” said Charles De Falco, a CSI student.

“We tried the cooking class and really enjoyed it. It was something new that we both wanted to try and it cost me half the price on Groupon.”

Summer pick number 4: Two admission tickets to MoMA PS1 for $10, a 50 percent discount.

The Museum of Modern Art is just one of many museums our great city has to offer. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the museums that does not have the suggested ticket price we need as college students.

Groupon’s uncanny ability to get you and your date in for half the price, strikes again. The choices range from The Museum of Sex, American Finance, Museum of the American Gangster, The Skyscraper Museum, and many more.

Broadening your horizons with a trip to the museum can make for a great summer  date.

“I bought passes to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. I bought three adult passes that included a 3-D IMAX nature documentary,” said Steve Hager, college assistant.

“They were practically half price.”


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