Finding a Safe Haven in a Country that Wants You Dead

“No Escape” Offers Tips on Best Way to Survive a Rebellion

By Matthew McKenna

With Oscar season quickly approaching, we are left with one last film that can excite audiences at every moment.

“No Escape” keeps viewers at the edge of their seats, not knowing what to anticipate.

Directed by John Erick Dowdle, who also directed thrillers “Devil” and “Quarantine,” shows his skills by hiring an A-list cast, illustrating a good story, and manipulating a unique foreign location.

Jack Dwyer, played by Owen Wilson, is assigned a new position that requires him to move to Southeast Asia.

As they get ready to start a new journey, they get caught in a rebellion by the criminals who kill foreigners without hesitation.

With only one goal in mind, Jack must take his family to safety before they are killed.

In this film, the theme is as clear as water in a river.

It suggests to the audience that if you were caught in a chaotic situation and with your family, what lengths would you go to keep them out of harm’s way.

Jack and his family are almost in the clear until one of the rebels spots him and warns the others.

Unwilling to cooperate, Jack is left with the only one option: kill him.

He does so brutally, and his wife Annie, played by Lake Bell, watches in shock as she has never seen this side of her husband.

What makes this film enjoyable is not just the anticipation, but how believable the characters are. Even the film’s darker moments, there are ones that are lighter, where the family relaxes a little bit or reflect on moments they hold dear.

Its interesting to see Owen Wilson in a movie where he doesn’t play his usual witty slacker or hopeless romantic.

His performance will has us all hoping that he gets out alive, along with his family.

Pierce Brosnan’s character, Hammond, brings the most humor into the movie with jokes to ease the family’s tension.

Brosnan also injects a little James Bond into the movie when he needs to kick butt.

Lake Bell and her on-screen daughters also give great performances.

Their fear is believable and also gives the movie some cheery moments.

What could have been fixed about the film is explaining why the people of the country are rebelling earlier instead of explaining it at the end.

Also, it would have been good if the film was a little longer. The pacing of the film was good, in fact great, but it could have been a little longer.

If you’re a fan of Owen Wilson or looking for a movie that can keep you excited, “No Escape” is worth the money.



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