Saving for the Season Never Looked so Good

Fierce Fall Make-up on a Budget

By Claritza Quezada & Brielle Sparacino

As soon as September rolls around, we go into autopilot and gravitate towards anything fall-related. Beautiful earthy colors, huge scarves, and fierce make-up is scattered on fashionable folks everywhere you go.

What’s great about this? You can look fierce without breaking the bank.

Here’s a special makeup guide on what to buy this fall and, with it, you can decide whether to splurge or spend on these beauty necessities.


Nothing says “well put together” than a good eye look. A messy smoky eye can make the difference between “She looks beautiful” and “Who hit her?”

For fall, dark and subtle metallics will definitely be trendy.

And for students, a smoky eye works any time in bronze and browns, for a fresh look for day classes.

SPLURGE: Brand: Urban Decay, Palette: Naked Smoky, Price: $54.00, at Ultra Beauty

The perfect choice to splurge would be Urban Decay’s “Naked Smoky” palette. It brings 12 beautiful shades such as High and Black Market that can recreate looks for the day and night.

The shades are also pigmented and will last an entire day, which is important when you have plans after your four-hour evening class.

SAVE: Brand: Maybelline, Palette: The Nudes Palette, Price: $6.76, at Walmart

For less than a fifth of the price of Naked Smoky, you can grab the Nudes Palette by Maybelline at any drug store.

It has a similar color range to the Naked Palette collection, but you can use this palette for a day look that’s sweet and simple.

For a more striking look, you can easily dab some darker shades on your eye-lids.


Doing your lips the right way can move your beauty meter from zero to 100 instantly. Having lips that make a statement never goes out of style. As a college student, you can throw on some jeans, a white t-shirt, and dab of lipstick which creates a look that suggests you’ve got it together, when in reality you were just being lazy.

To intensify the look, you can use the “Kylie Jenner” lip technique, which features a matte lip liner and a lighter color in the middle of your lip.

Focus on darker colors such as deep reds, burgundies, and plums. Purple has recently become very popular.

SPLURGE: Brand: MAC, Name: Sin, Price: $17, at Bloomingdale’s 

MAC Cosmetics are known for their wide array of lipstick colors that are smooth and heavily pigmented. Sin was discontinued for a bit but after high demand, it was brought back, and better than ever.

Sin’s deep burgundy tone not only stays intact for hours but will compliment any outfit by giving it an edgier feel.

SAVE: Brand: Wet N’Wild, Name: Cherry Bomb, Price: $1.99, at Rite Aid

Wet N Wild’s Cherry Bomb is a great alternative to Sin.

Overall, Wet N Wild lipsticks have enough pigment to get you through the day after two or three applications.

The consistency is also smooth, which makes it easier to use and adds shine without the worry of adding lip gloss.


When applied correctly it, can either work miracles or make you late to class after ten attempts of making it perfect.

A simple cat eye can go a long way and give you that casual, yet striking look that you need.

If a cat eye is too difficult or you’re just in a hurry, apply white eyeliner to the top water line of your eye to give yourself a more alert look.

SPLURGE: Brand: Benefit, Product: They’re Real Pushup Liner, Price: $24, at Ultra Beauty

The They’re Real Line was well known for a mascara that promised to give you fuller lashes that look “real.”

After some years, it has become a favorite until then their eyeliner came around. It features a retractable pen that has a gel finish. It helps make a perfect cat eye with its angled tip.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try it in any of the other colors, including  brown, blue, and dark purple.

The formula for both of these products is amazing because of how long it stays on. The hidden blessing is how hard it is to take off.

SAVE: Brand: Revlon, Product: ColorStay Liquid Liner, Price: $6.39, at Target

Revlon’s ColorStay Liquid Liner is a bit different from the They’re Real Pushup Liner because it’s a liquid liner, which are more difficult to use.

However, once you get the hang of it, it glides smoothly and the texture is great. It’s supposed to last you an entire day and won’t come off when you’re rubbing your eyes between long lectures.

Overall, beauty is all about having that confidence within. Know that you can rock anything and still be fabulous, even if you wake up late for class.



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