What’s App With Kylie Jenner at Number One?

Discover the Celebrity Lifestyle for $2.99/Month

By Kristina Verdugo

Fans raved over the launch of the new Jenner apps that took “Keeping up with the Kardashians” to a new level on September 14.

After only 24 hours, the sisters dominated the top grossing apps in the “Entertainment” category of the iPhone App Store. Currently, the youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, is at number one, with Khloé Kardashian at four, Kim West at five, and Kendall Jenner at eight.

The apps have revolutionized the way fans interact with them, allowing in-depth ways of exploring their personal lives–but only after paying a $2.99 per month for each app. Yes, that means $12 per month to have all the Kardashians at your fingertips, until Kourtney releases her app, which would make it $15. That’s more expensive than a gym membership at Planet Fitness.

Once you’ve downloaded it, tap the icon and a black screen with the name, “KYLIE,” in teal, pops-up before you’re offered to subscribe–the first week is free–or logging in. There is also a video of Jenner describing the app, saying that she has “spent so much time trying to make this the dopest place” for her fans to come and observe her latest fashion choices, make-up tutorials, and behind the scenes moments. The video is supposed to encourage users to subscribe and once you click the subscribe button, you are automatically forced to create an account by entering a name, e-mail and password.

After entering your information, the subscription terms remind you that after a seven-day free trial, you will be paying $2.99 per month to observe the content. A cute notification, “You’ve unlocked my world,” follows the agreement, and the first thing you see afterward is none other than Jenner’s booty. Shocking.

Navigating the app is pretty simple, you can swipe left or right for content and swipe down for the menu. The first thing you come across is an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of her shoot with Sasha Samsonova. The video, about a minute long, opens with trap music as Jenner poses for the camera with the words “Kylie Runs Shit,” flashing across the screen, along with, “Who’s the Baddest of Them All.” This could be riveting entertainment for any die-hard fans, but for others, not so much.

Next up, is her OOTD (outfit of the day) section, labeled “Cop My Style: Stud of the Night,” and with a quick swipe up, Jenner shows how you can copy her Norma Kamali studded bathing suit and jeans look for “less.”

She displays a plain, cotton body suit, that looks nothing like the Kamali one she wore, for $26, a pair of black jeans for $65, and Steve Madden Raela Pumps for $110. These could be considered less expensive, but for some college students, young girls, or avid Forever 21 shoppers, they could be a little out of your price range.

Fans on Twitter and Instagram seem to be most excited about Jenner’s make-up tutorials. One is titled, “My Sexy 18th Birthday Look,” done by her make-up artist. These tutorials are very useful for girls who want to learn easy tricks to perfectly apply eye make-up and contour. Girls want the “Kardashian look,” and the step-by-step instructions are easy to follow.

Perhaps the most entertaining features of the app are the parts in which Jenner shares basic facts about herself, and, not to mention, details about her new $2.7 million house in “All About my Crib.” Did you know that Jenner’s favorite room is her “glam room cuz it’s where I spend most of my time?” Or that her favorite piece of art is a huge photo of her lips, which she will use for her new Kylie Lip Kit. She also keeps her house at a comfortable 72 degrees. Other favorite household items she shares are her $27 furry pillows, $35 LED light bulbs, and $80 candles.

In the App Store, the app has earned three out of five stars, probably because of the subscription fee, but it is clear that even that hasn’t deterred fans. The app should succeed amongst super-fans, but this is not one of the usual “must have” apps such as Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

The usefulness of Jenner’s app will only take you so far until you decide to cancel your subscription.


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