Forget About Counting Calories, I’m in Love!

Handling Love Will Give You Love Handles

By Victoria Priola

You’ve finally found love, congrats. While taking a ride on cloud nine, you may find yourself focusing less on getting that killer summer body and more on gushing over your new fling. If you’re at this point, the relationship weight syndrome has already taken you prisoner.

All relationships are different. Not all have the same formula or routine and not all of them end happily. But the one thing they all have in common is the honeymoon stage.

The honeymoon stage is the time period, approximately two or three months into the relationship, that you feel untouchable. Nothing can get you down and for the first time you are genuinely happy.

Couples that have been together for an extended period of time–an average of a year and a half to three years–can attest to their honeymoon stage having no expiration date.

When your weekends are full of midnight runs to Sonic, counting calories is put on the backburner. I’ve been in a relationship for roughly two years and I’ve gained fifteen pounds–I thought it wouldn’t happen to me, but it happens to the best of us.

A survey conducted by FemalesFirst UK says that the most common reason people gain weight while they’re in relationships is overeating, indulging during holidays, and lack of exercise.

“I see myself eating more since we’ve been together,” said Jackie Hemmy, a senior. “I would never force him to eat something he didn’t want to, though.”

Hemmy and her boyfriend Denis Bozek have dated for a year. Bozek is a fitness model in training. She says her eating habits are unaffected by his strict diet but of late they have explored healthier options when ordering take-out.

“The more I eat, the happier I am,” said Bozek. “I have no one to impress and Jackie likes me the way I am.”

Whether the weight gain is due to a hiatus from the gym or from unhealthy dinner choices, there is no shame in admitting that this is a side effect of happiness.

Roemello Agjmurati and his girlfriend, Emily Zoda have been together for three years. They recently spent the summer on tour with Agjmurati’s band Emergency Protocol.

Going out to eat changes a lot for us. We either choose from a selection of favorite local spots or we try to go somewhere we’ve never been before,” said Agjmurati. “No matter what though it’s almost always spontaneous and in the moment.”

Hopefully, relationships lead to marriage at some point. Once the ring goes on, dad bod takes full effect and relationship weight syndrome has run its course.

According to The Washington Post, first-time resident dads experienced an average 2.6 percent increase in their BMIs over the study period. Mainstream media doesn’t mind it, apparently, because #DadBod was trending on Twitter this past summer.

Whether you’ve been dating for ten weeks or ten years, relationship weight is inevitable. As long as you realize that there are worse things that could happen than gaining a few pounds, you can go on living your life with the person you love.

If weight gain during your relationship emotionally affects you, ask your partner if she or he is interested in dieting with you. Couples that workout together, stay together.

As long as you find a dynamic that works for you, it doesn’t matter what your belt size is.

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